Thursday Thoughts – Thank You, Totti ♥

Last Friday we lost our sweet Totti. Only some few days from his 13th birthday. Today should have been His Day. This is his birthday. Extra good food, a cake with meatballs, potatoes and sausages. Lots of Love, hugs and – see you again!

Midsummer 2020 – at his paradise in Blekinge – Thank you for Everything, Totti! Hope you are running free over the flower meadows up there somewhere. Hope you are meeting Mille too. ♥

111 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Thank You, Totti ♥

  1. I’m sorry for your loss! I never understood having a pet until I had mine six years ago. Now I can’t recall my life before him. Dogs are the best companions!

    • Yhey really are, Julie. I tried for a whole year without a dog – but I did not feel well at all. I got a new dog as soon as possible then.

  2. The most adorable and loving little guy Ann-Christine – our hearts are with you. I’m guessing he’s having a lovely romp on the other side of the rainbow.

    • Thank you, Susan – tough days now. The last year hasn’t been very positive. I am working on loving Spring…but it is terribly chilly this year. Milo is still here though – he offers warm cuddles and hugs.

  3. Oh, Ann-Christine. I am so sorry for your loss. What a year of heartbreak this has been. When you go to Blekimge, you will hear Tutti in the rustle of the leaves and feel him when the sun warms your face. I am sending Milo an extra big virtual hug.

  4. Thanks for sharing these wonderful images of Totti. I’m sure you will miss him very much but all these nice memories will help you to support the difficult moments.

  5. Words seem so inadequate at moments like these and we are too far apart for a warm hug.Thank you for sharing your feeling-world with such a beautiful tribute.The loss and pain will slowly begin to fade . . . the wonderful memories of life together will forever remain . . . and when you close your eyes at night you will hear some well remembered barks and be able to smile . . .

    • Dear Eha – much appreciated you are thinking of me and Totti. And you are so right…sometimes I hear him. Especially his tapping paws across the room.

    • Thank you, Mary. Tough times. For Milo too. Now he has to stand on his own feet. But he just turned three, so he will manage. ♥

    • Anne, thank you for your sympathy – much appreciated. I know you know, but people who never had animals don’t really or fully understand. ♥

  6. So sorry to read of your loss of Totti. He obviously had a full and happy life with you, Ann-Christine. Our dogs should have much longer lives so they can be with us for many many years. ❤

    • Thank you, Steve. Tough for Milo too. And this came very unexpectedly. He was still walking 8 kilometers happily. We don’t know from one day to the other, do we. We had expected him to live for some more years as he was so strong and agile. But he had a stroke we think. Could not walk properly and maybe would not have a good life further on. Not an easy decision. But we must do what we feel best for our friends.

  7. So many memories, sweetheart! My favourites, the sun lounger he ‘owns’ as an adult and the chair he dangles out of as a pup. And yes, that last is beautiful in so many ways. 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you, Jo. He was very special. His breeder called him Ferdinand efter the bull who loved just sitting laid back watching the flowers. A very fitting description of him.

  8. Mon Dieu! What a sad news, dear Anne-Christine! Might his soul be joyful for ever & might he return back to you again soon. It is obvious that he has been an extraordinary dog! 🌸

  9. Oh that is so sad. I am so sorry for your loss. They become so much part of our lives and we are heartbroken when they are gone. I love your photos but especially the last one. So many happy memories to cherish.

    • Thank you, Karina. I am really so sad and low, but, that is the way with life. I hope he is having a lovely run with Mille on the meadows, among the flowers. I am thinking of maybe putting up the last photo on the wall.

  10. So sorry to hear this, it is always so hard to lose a family friend, but he looks to have lived a blessed life looking at your wonderful photos of him, the last one is so gorgeous I hope you have it up on a wall.

    • Thank you, Jude. I cry when I look at the old photos…and the new ones too. But I am so happy to have them to remember by. He was a dear friend – I hope he has met Mille by now, and that they are running free and happy. The last photo – yes, maybe I will have it on my wall…

      • They were water dogs once, collecting the birds shot that fell into the water. Then the lakes in Romagna, Italy, dried out, and farmers trained their dogs to search for truffles instead. And there we are!

      • Yes, often mistaken for being one of those. The tails differ a lot though. But these Italians were water dogs too once, in Romagna. But farmers dried out the lakes to be able to grow more crops – and the dogs all but disappeared. Some dogs were found at old farmsteads, and someone took the opportunity to train them for truffles instead. Voilá – the truffle dog was born, and the breed was saved. It came to Sweden in 1995, and 5 years later I bought my first beauty, Mille. Since then – only Lagottos! (Lagotto means little lake)

  11. My condolences Ann Christine. Totti looks like he was a lovable dog and it must have been hard to let him go. I’m glad you have all these wonderful photos to remember him by.

  12. Oh, what a lovely tribute to a much-loved canine companion, Ann Christine! And what lovely images of a very alive and active Totti! May he rest in peace

  13. So sorry for your loss, Leya, but your memories of this very special friend will ease the pain somewhat. You have some wonderful photos of Totti, I am sure you will placed them all around the house now to remind you, and that is exactly what you should do.

  14. What a great pictorial of Totti. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how much Totti was loved by you and your family. Your last photo is spectacular 😀 He shall be remembered always in your heart and alive in your photos.

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