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Min kärlek till träd, skog och mark kommer att synas väl i denna blogg. Här tänker jag lägga mina vandringar och promenader, tankar och känslor kring dem. Under rubriken Come and sit under my tree bjuder jag in gäster att visa bilder och text från speciella resor och äventyr. Under årstidernas namn finner du fotogallerier.

Välkommen till mina vandringar och äventyr! http://treetreats.wordpress.com/



Trees will stay with us throughout our lives, unchanged, while we ourselves change. They seem forever old, wise and beautiful. This blog is meant to show my love for trees, forests, meadows – the beauty of our countryside and its inhabitants during all seasons, in pictures as well as in words. Under the headline Come and sit under my tree I will invite guests to share their words and pictures from travels and adventures. Under the season names you will find photo galleries.

Welcome to my hikes and adventures! http://treetreats.wordpress.com/


16 reaktioner på ”About Warden Spirits

  1. Another tree lover here. There’s nothing more relaxing than walking in a wood or forest with soft pine needles or leaves underfoot.
    Your story of the tree that guards the house reminds me of the spirit houses that every home and business builds outside the premises in Thailand which is immediately inhabited by the spirits of the land which was disturbed during the building process. These spirits are given sustenance in the form of rice, lotus flowers, water and (for special requests) whiskey. Inside these little shrines tiny figures are sometimes placed to represent the spirits. Although 95% Buddhist, animism is still very strong in Thailand.

  2. I love trees, they were the first subjects on my art journey. But I do not understand the title (and it may have to do with translation?) The Warden spirits?

    • Glad you love trees and that you asked me about the title. I could not find a correct translation to our Swedish for it. In Sweden people used to plant a tree in front of their house when they moved in. The tree grew old and majestic because of it standing solitary. People believed the tree spirits woul be guardians of their house and the people living there. Today, when we travel country roads, we can still see those giants standing, watching…especially at old farm steads. If you have a more exact name for this I would be happy to know!

      • Dear Ann-Christine
        what a great idea!
        Here in North Norfolk, you find quite some followers of Wicca traditions. There you bind a bundle of stinging nettles and prickly branches and hang it near your entrance door. That is supposed to keep evil spirits away.
        Keep well
        The Fab Four of Cley
        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Jag ändrade tema i år någon gång – det är svårt, men jag tyckte att mina bilder inte gjordes tillräcklig rättvisa i det förra temat. Här blir de mer i centrum och lite större. Roligt att du uppskattar förändringen! Och det där med att resa – visst är det berikande! Vart planerar du?

  3. I adore trees. I feel somewhat similar to you. They have a strength and a majesty unto themselves. In many ways I admire their strength; they stand tall through most adversity, and proudly display their tenacity in the harshest environments.

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