Thursday Thoughts – Banksy

Banksy in Malmoe! I have no idea how many of you are fans of Banksy, but for me he is an icon. The exhibition in Malmoe is very well presented, and whatever you think of the fact that they are not original works, it would never be possible to show his originals, would it? I believe his genius shines through anyway. Let’s go!

Bristol born Banksy has been wellknown to the world since the 1990’s, and the story of his Girl with Balloon tells us something of how his mind works.

In general, no explanations are needed – his works speek for themselves.

Anti-war and…

… anti-consumerism graffitti marks his engagement in today’s society.

And the elephant in the room is –

– the billions of people who are living below the poverty line.

Nothing escapes his irony,

and this week we all learned about the content of the latest IPCC report, didn’t we?

If this exhibition comes to your city – go see it!

Thursday Thoughts – A Forest Man

Our old apple tree lost one of its trunks in the storm some weeks ago, maybe that was a sign. Time to go.

My father was a forest man. ( In the header a photo from a walk in Fulltofta, where he worked) Since early childhood he roamed the forests, watching birds, collecting eggs (this was 70-80 years ago, when it was not forbidden to collect eggs) and learning about nature around him. He passed away last Friday. I had hoped for him to stay through spring, but at least I was fortunate enough to be with him his last hours.

We always talked about the forest and his work there, and what he had seen and observed during all those years, 50-60 all in all. He had witnessed many stories from the animal world, but also stories from the many young men he guided and taught. Sometimes he found dead people in the forest. A rugged story was about a 10 year old girl, Helen, who disappeared on her way home from school, in 1989. She was found a week later, murdered.

My father saw the car in the forest the day she was kidnapped, and as the car passed him he heard a child screaming from the trunk of the car. Unfortunately he did not get the number, and this haunted him for years. The police got his description of the car though, and it was sent out in media all over Sweden. My father cooperated with the police for some years after this, and he became friends with the head investigator. Not until 15 years later, they finally found the murderer, and the car fitting my father’s description.

This was one of the most talked about murder histories in Sweden. I remember it well. Nothing like this had ever happened here before.

He was a forest man, yes, and what he did not know about forests and its inhabitants was hardly worth knowing. I only wonder – who will I call now with all my questions?

I am not a bird photographer, but I sometimes try when they come to one of my feeders. I know my father would have liked them. So, here’s to you, sweet dad! Birds from my garden this winter.

Starlings were one of his favourites – and mine too. Nowadays some of them stay as the climate is changing for the warmer.

A brambling waiting for me to fill the feeder.

The Western jackdaw is a very intelligent and social bird. They often visit our garden to pick up what the smaller birds have left on the ground.

The hawfinch usually visits when there is snow and the temperature has fallen some degrees below zero. His company here is a European greenfinch.

A beautiful bird, only seen in my garden during winter.

At the end of my post, I want to share a story from his best friend, living in Canada and for many years a ranger in Banff national park. He is also the author of several nature books, Halle Flygare, Alberta:

When I was young, your dad and I roamed fields and forests looking for birds’ nests to collect eggs. One day we went to a big oak tree, where we knew a tawny owl had her nest. Your dad climbed the tree and found the nest, but the owl flew out and attacked me, hit my head and took my red cap. We found it later in the forest. We only took one, white egg for our collection.

Thanks to your dad I became interested in the natural world, collected eggs and bought myself bird books. This bird interest has stayed with me throughout my life and I have travelled the world on numerous guided bird adventures. My list of birds is now containing more than 3000 species.

Thank you, Hälle, for calling him every week, all these years, and thank you for sharing this story with us!


Thursday Thoughts – Time is the most precious gift

Life is short – live it, love it, treasure every moment.

My father is 89, and unfortunately life did not grant us much time together. But I love him and always will. His stories and his laugh, his kind eyes and his wisdom.

Being a forest man and a hunter, he’s had many dogs over the years, but the last 15-20 years he did not want to have any more dogs. He said the goodbyes were too difficult.

– and they are. But I feel all the love given over the years makes it worth the pain.

My father worked in this forest for 50 years, and these stones are what is left of the house he once lived in.

I sometimes miss what we could have had together, but I am very grateful for the moments we got. Only these last two or three years, we have come closer, and now it seems time is slowly running out.

I hope to have him with us a bit longer, and that there will be enough time left to give him another beautiful spring. I am not religious, but I pray.

Thursday Thoughts – Spring Feelings

Photosketcher for fun today. It has been a sunny day, and in my windows the flowers are coming alive! Outdoors it is still too cold, but I am in the mood.

Thursday Thoughts – A Delightful Colour

Temperatures are rising here already, and flowers are coming up. Not any of these though, but I wanted to celebrate with a gallery of flowers in one of my favourite colours. I hope these might put a smile on your face!


Pasque flowers






Thursday Thoughts – Winter two weeks less…

We just got the report from the meteorologic institute – winter is two weeks shorter in our part of the country. Two weeks more without snow. I am not surprised – only sad. I went to my archives…

And, I went back to last February – this tree is from my garden, and…

…these logs in the cold, low sun from my ordinary forest walk.

The two last images are from February 2020. I remember it as a beautiful winter that year.

The snow usually stayed longer then too. This winter not more than two days in a row. In Lapland the reindeer have been suffering from this for several years now. Jumping temperatures makes the snow turn into ice, which means the reindeer cannot reach their food. They cannot break the layer of ice.

This year then? Well, in the header my daughter is walking a lovely forest road. We found it on our way to a friend. We had to drive 50 kilometers north to get that winter feel. I guess that’s what we will do every year now. Winters without snow is unimaginable in our family. I also guess that even if you don’t love snow, you love to see pictures of it!

Thursday Thoughts – Driving Home

I just wanted to send you some winter magic we found along the road last week.

It was darkening fast, so – the quality might not be perfect…

…but who can just pass by these without stopping for a photo?

Thursday Thoughts – Weekend Spa

We went to Mosseberg spa resort for a couple of days. A charming area, and we had some snow too. Relaxing.

This resort was built around the middle of the 19th century, and still has those typical villas of those days. Some of the old houses are now private and not possible to visit. They still have their ”Carpenter’s joy” and built in tile stoves.

This is the main building, where we rented a beautiful room. Walking through the house we found several doors with famous people’s names on them. They had all lived here in periods of their lives. Our neighbours were the author Albert Engström and the next door had Madame Kollontaj’s name on it. She once was a Soviet ambassador, pacifist and feminist.

Mosseberg is a beautiful resort in any season, and I would love to see the park in Spring too.

Thursday Thoughts – I Need Light and Colours!

I was happy to see that my cheering up post made more than me happier! So, my Thursday Thoughts will be all for cheering us up in gloomy January. Here we go!

And More!

This gallery was made up by pictures from 2011-2015, June and July. I just flicked through them, and picked those that went straight to my heart. Enjoy! Maybe you want to try the same remedy?

Wishing you all a bright and sunny January!