Thursday Thoughts – The Kites


Fanö is a very small island west of Esbjerg, Jylland, Denmark. Go to Vivekas site for more love of this island and more interesting facts!

We started out to get to the Rindby beach on the west coast by 10am – which was the time said for the kite flyers to start. Some of them had been there for two weeks, but June 14-17 was marked for the finishing festival. Non commercial and 5000 enthusiasts – besides the three of us…Viveka, (Myguiltypleasures) , me and my husband.

They come from all over the world…and they all make their own kites from sailcloth and nylon fiber. Some kites are made in a couple of hours, but some take weeks to make.

To give you a taste of what this is all about – here is a short youtube introduction:

To give you something of my own taste – here we go…am:


Wishing you all a lovely Midsummer!

I’ll be back Sunday with the afternoon kites…if you haven’t got enough of them! I haven’t… Or better yet – go visit Fanö yourselves – you will love it!