Thursday Thoughts – Thankfulness

Camera and binoculars packed – an Easter walk one of these beautiful mornings. The stillness in the air promised some lovely hours in my favorite place.

The old sallow stands waiting for its summer guests again – a different spring for us this year, but not so for the birds. Nature is still out there for us whenever we return.

The giant beech with sweet wood anemones at its feet. A joy that they managed to survive the freezing cold nights we have had for weeks. Down to 8 degrees below zero.

Glorious blackthorn in the sun! They grow everywhere here in the meadows, and I always walk up to the top fields to see them basking in the open air. They Are Sunshine.

Today the farmer was out too – his growling tractor the only sound disturbing the merry flute tones of thrushes, chaffinches and robins.

In April I always walk to the wetlands looking for the first marsh-marigolds. In 2018 many of them were lost because of the heavy drought. This year another blow came from the numerous wild boars. But I found a couple of them. When I was a child I tried to pick some for my grandmother, but alas, I soon learned they drop their petals immediately put in a vase. Grandma’ just smiled, saying they only love the outdoors.

I am so deeply grateful to be allowed to walk in the forest this spring too. I know that this year not all of us have this possibility – but there Will be more opportunities for us to go. We just have to be patient. Mother Nature will open her arms when we arrive.

Stay safe, stay well and stay in contact with each other.



Thursday Thoughts – The End of the Journey

At the end of this journey – I send my love to the mountains and valleys of Bhutan…

to all its beautiful dzongs and chortens…

to its pristine rural landscapes…

to the beauty of its religion and traditions…

to its lovely flowers and trees…

to its loving people…

and beautiful art…

to its healthy stone baths…

to its humorous games…

and to its beautiful children.

And my sincere gratefulness to our excellent guides, who really went out of their way to show us everything and to share their immense knowledge of the country and its people.


The lovely Jenny Adhikari (left) – find her here:

And our eminent local guide, Rinzen (so sorry I never got his last name!). Thank you also for answering all our strange questions and spending precious time in the evenings to explain about life in Bhutan, its customs and religion!

We travelled happily with


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