Camilla Thulin – Wear, If You Dare!


This rainy day was made for an outing – with darling Viveka at myguiltypleaures. She can make any day shine… We decided for Dunkers and the famous designer Camilla Thulin.



Camilla Thulin loves luxury ”second hand” and started collecting clothes and accessories at an early age. Today she is a famous fashion designer and her clothes are worn by actors as well as singers and other people in the Swedish world of artists.

She also has her own name in fashion and in the world of classy underwear.

The definition of ”Kaftan”, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is a man’s long belted tunic, worn in countries of the Near East. It could also mean a woman’s long loose dress, or a loose shirt or top.

Camilla Thulin declares her fascination for this garment, and in the exhibition hall there are kaftans of her design as well as kaftans from her own collection of second hand and folklore clothes from Morocco, Turkey and Palestine, among others.


For the scene, her collection is vast – some examples are ”Piaf”, ”Evita” and ”Amadeus”.

In an earlier post, I mentioned her clothes for Army of Lovers. In this Dunkers’ exhibition there was also a dress made for our Swedish jazz singer, Lisa Nilsson, worn at the Crown Princess’ wedding.


Peep inside the studio – what might it look like inside the creative Camilla’s headquarters?



 Camilla Thulin shop online here.

22 reaktioner på ”Camilla Thulin – Wear, If You Dare!

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  3. A-C, I hope you have a great break and that … you will fill your world with magic on you return. Thanks for a brilliant day … great company, food and images. I think you did a fantastic tagging along job. I haven’t even looked at my images yet .. still have a bit of Warsaw left to day.

  4. Tack för denna! Väldigt vackert och inspirerande. Ska tipsa vidare till mamma. Bra fotat! Hade du stativ? Väldigt snyggt och brusfritt, så jag blir nyfiken på ditt tillvägagångssätt

    • Åh . .jag är väldigt basic och håller kameran själv. Kul att det var inspirerande! Jag vet att jag skulle haft stativ, men är inte så villig att släpa på det.. om jag hade haft något .

  5. This sounds like a great outing, Ann Christine, I have never heard of Dunkers or Camilla Thulin. Her collection is very impressive, I’d love to see this exhibition.
    Last year I visited Karl Lagerfelds artistic, most fabulous exhibition in Bonn, showing his finest robes during the last 40 years. Even the presentation was magnificent, transporting the viewer into a fairyworld. I feel very happy and refreshed when I see the work of creative and inspiring artists.
    Ha en god helg! 🙂

    • I believe it to be art – cannot understand why not. The whole process from thought to finish is -art. Thank you for the links! Spectacular and interesting. I always feel refreshed and filled with new thinking and ideas when I go home. I guess one of the ”goals” for artists!

  6. Brilliant exhibition and what brilliant colours. Second hand and more modern kaftans. This is the first time I have heard of such attire, and the word is associated with garment for both men and women.

    I didn’t know you knew Vivi. I follow her blog too and she always seems to have such a good time out and about, describing her outings and holidays in such detail. Just like this post 😀 Wished I could have joined the two of you 😀

  7. 🙂 Oh, wow, I would have loved to join the two of you.
    I’ve been very fortunate to meet Wivi and I know what a good sport and fun person she is. Maybe one of these days I’ll get to meet you, too 😉
    Thank you for sharing all the lovely pictures of this fun day.
    What a collection – wouldn’t mind one of these Kaftans.
    Have a very HAPPY weekend 🙂

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