Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #33 – Nature

Patti’s challenge this week is Nature. I have spent most of my spare time in nature – and that is where I belong. The Galapagos Islands have been a dream ever since I was a child.

And in 2016 we went for Ecuador, the Amazon and Galapagos.

As all 19 islands are of volcanic origin, every island is different and many of their inhabitants are endemic to just that island. Harsh nature, but life thrives.

Among cacti and volcanic ground, birds and plants can live their lives without human interference. As a child I thought this must be a true Paradise.

In fact it is. Here you come close to nature and the animals, because they are not afraid of humans – they have no reason to be.

You can watch them hunt…like this Yellow -crowned night heron,

and fight – be it the giant land iguanas (stay clear here!)…

or the graceful Swallow-tailed Gulls.

Red-footed Boobies

The birds also allow you to watch them building their nests. I was 10 centimeters from the Red-footed Boobies – and they just kept courting and building without minding me.

The Marine Iguanas displayed their grandest costumes while sunbathing…

…and even let you get close-ups while lying on the ground, contemplating life.

It is the co-existing human – nature that fascinates me. It could be so easy…but we humans make it so difficult…

Why not walk the endless beaches together? There is room for us, if we only let there be…

If we are respectful,

Galapagos 3 and 4 407-2

and stay 2 meters away (the limit here on the islands),

then the animals might even come up to you. We are all curious creatures if we have nothing to fear. One of Nature’s little wonders – my favorite..

…the simple beauty of a Mockingbird

So, if you tread lightly and show respect…

we can live together, love together, and let Mother Nature thrive.

I will always love these islands – where Nature rules, and man is only a grateful guest.

Thank you to Patti for this wonderful challenge – and for the chance to present my view of Paradise.





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  3. Wonderful pics. I’m glad you got to fulfill that childhood dream of going there. The pelicans at the fishermen’s take made me laugh – a scene I’ve watched play out here in Australia, only the pelicans are white. Obviously the same under the feathers 🙂

  4. Wonderful. ❤ I've often wondered about these islands as well. Have you read the novel Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut? It takes place there but I wonder how factual it is. I enjoy his style very much. As for the bird that came to check you out – imagine that! You must have seen some kind of benign dragon to that bird. 😉

    • Well, I did not read Vonnegut’s novel, but two other novels written about and by people who once lived on the islands. Very interesting. John Treherne, ”The Galapagos Affair”, about an excentric family who wanted to start a new life there – ended in murders and darkness of the souls. And – I have always wanted to be a dragon!

  5. So beautiful and touching to see birds and creatures co-existing with human. That is where paradise is.
    Thank you, Ann-Christine for sharing these special moments. The first shot is stunning.

    • Glad to share, Amy! No lush islands, but at sea the sky is incredibly alive – especially in the evenings. The beauty lies in the concept, the idea of a free world and an animal sanctuary.

    • True about respect and protected – but they need guards all the time to follow up and be vigilant! But most people visiting are very much Nature lovers who would not dream of littering or disturbing.

  6. Ah, I was waiting for your post Ann Christine….I knew it would be full of thoughts and images of nature, and you have not disappointed! What fabulous places and creatures you have seen!

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