Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #112 – Pick a Word…

Pick a word and illustrate it with a photo! This used to be a favorite challenge of mine when held by Paula of Lost in Translation. Unfortunately she is not running it anymore. So – how about a revival at Lens-Artists? It is easy: Choose one (1) word or more – choose all of them if you like! The words available are the following:






In the header – Comfortable? Yes! If you are safe and living in the Galapagos Islands!

Swimming is normal for me. I’m relaxed. I’m comfortable, and I know my surroundings. It’s my home.  – Michael Phelps



Growth itself contains the germ of happiness.

 – Pearl S. Buck

19800 Cranes at Hornborgasjön, Sweden


In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.  – Seth Godin

Double exposure from my windows to make tangled even more tangled…


A word garden blooming within the tangled weeds.
Jazz Feylynn

Holland, flower festival at Keukenhof


Exuberance is beauty.

 – William Blake

Thank you for a marvelous response to Patti’s Everyday Objects – you really made us all open our eyes and SEE what we have around us!

A new announcement: We have the pleasure of having Rusha Sams  of Oh the Places We See as guest host for September 5, #113. Be sure to visit her! Until then – stay well and safe, and be kind, to yourself as well.

Have you seen these:

216 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #112 – Pick a Word…

  1. Just love the busyness and colors of the last photo. ❤ Actually. it can exemplify more than one word: exuberant ladies, crowded/visually-tangled/growing display of orchids and other plants, comfortable onlookers. 🙂

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    • Thank you for the cheers, Lindy – I send some in return to you as well! And yes…I am not comfortable with the new editor at all – but learning, I hope. I don’t believe it makes blogging easier – rather more ”tangled” ;-D. Thank you for joining in again!

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    • Hi again,
      I have tried several times to comment on your posts, but my comments never show up! Also on your hosted post yesterday. Is there an issue with your blog or with mine? Hopefully you will get this message – thank you for hosting and brilliant posts!

      • Hi again,
        I have tried several times to comment on your posts, but my comments never show up! Also on your hosted post yesterday. Is there an issue with your blog or with mine? Hopefully you will get this message – thank you for hosting and brilliant posts!

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  51. Interesting challenge options this week! I am looking forward to reviewing my image archive for suitable responses! I would love to have the opportunity to capture images at that flower festival. Exuberant is a great word choice for that image.

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  57. I like this game… I’m comfortable growing in this tangled, crowded and exuberant challenge! 😉
    I know, I know it’s not a word game, I’ll search my image file right now…

    Great images!

  58. Right away the seal steals the show, and I see how superbly he fits the comfortable tag. He is adorable!
    The other fantastic thing was to see the shout out given to my last post . It was totally unexpected and so you can only imagine my joy. Thank you so much . Walking on air 😊.

    • ♥ So happy you were happy about it! It was a great post indeed. And now – I wish we could just relax like the little seal and be comfortable this Sunday evening!

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  60. Ann-Christine, this one touched my soul since we recently lost much of the structures in Big Basin Redwood State Park. So, that’s where my mind and heart went when I saw the words crowded and growing. Thanks for bringing color into our lives today with your post, especially the flower festival in Holland!

    • I am so happy to have provided some colour and joy! I love the fantastic redwoods and it is frighfully sad what is happening in the fires. Hopefully they keep fighting and will survive!

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  68. Of course I loved your challenge Ann-Christine – both the words and your illustrations of them. That seal is simply marvelous and I’m terribly envious of your cranes – I’m dying to see them one day! Your final image could be both exuberant AND crowded, don’t you think ?!

    • Glad you liked it, Tina – and I know you would want to see the cranes. You must visit one day! They come in March/April, maybe a bit cold for you, but at least no snow! Just give me a call.
      The seal seems to be a favorite with many, and I agree on the last image being more than one word. I did not think of that from the start.
      Did you see Paula is restarting her challenge? I seem to have helped a waking up!

    • I had to take a double look at your new AVATAR Tina! I am so used to the dark haired beauty I thought this must be a different Tina. Still a beauty though 💓

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  71. Hi, A-C. Your challenge is a lot of fun. It’s a great idea. It sounds like Paula’s original challenge was very popular. I’m glad you’re continuing it this week. We could do it again at some point with some new words. I was especially taken with your first shot of the seal. He looks so comfortable on his rocky perch! And the dancers are vibrant and beautiful. I hope the new week is a good one for you.😀

    • hi Patti – hope your weekend is going well! Something great happened yesterday: Paula answered she is taking up her blogging again. it seems I started something?! Glad you liked this, just as I was fascinated by your everyday objects challenge. And yes – I love that little seal. Totally safe and secure in the sun.

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  74. How funny – I just mentioned Paula to Patti before I even saw this post. Shame when people just disappear. She was an excellent blogger. Have a great week, hon 🤗💕💕

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