Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #113 – A Labor of Love

First of all – thank you for so many inventive, creative and fun interpretations of last week’s challenge – Pick a Word! Fabulous!

Rusha Sams of Oh the Places We See is our host this week, and she has chosen to highlight all those people who work for a better society and a better world. A Labor of Love.

As so many of us do these days, I think of the health care workers, police and firefighters – all those brave people helping us in this unruly world. But my thoughts also go to all those who work for a sustainable world and helping vulnerable species to survive – because biodiversity is essential to us all. Without biodiversity we will all perish and our planet is lost. Even if we are living in a pandemic now, we know that other problems will not go away – we have to fight them all, simultaneously. Tough. But, the pandemic is also a result of how humans have abused and misused Nature and our only home, planet Earth.

In the header, the dotterel beach in Coromandel.

In 2016 we went to Ecuador, the Amazon Basin and the Galapagos Islands. Threatened already then by the oil industry and new settlers burning down the rainforest, but little did we know of the many fires that would arrive through mismanagement and the pandemic.

A vast piece of jungle was once bought by a man from the Netherlands who wanted to save it from getting destroyed. We stayed at his eco-lodge with local people guiding and lecturing about herb medicine and Amazon plants and animals. These people were born and raised here, lived here and knew the jungle like the back of their hand.

They took us out on crystal clear waters…
…silent canoe days
…and if not out on the waters – then bird watching high above the Amazon jungle.
Luis was one of our skilled guides, helping us find essential plants for cuisine and health. This was certainly a Labour of Love for him – a way of helping his people, animals and plants survive. He could also recognize and identify several hundreds of different bird sounds.
For Andi, his Labor of Love meant that several villages could survive – and thrive.
This journey is the most highly treasured one of all my journeys through 47 years. To see these people’s loving faces in preserving and teaching about their natural environment was a great joy and to learn how deep their knowledge is of Nature’s secrets was truly humbling. Knowledge and skills of this kind can only be yours if you are born and raised here. I am forever grateful to have met them all.

”We hope you’ll join us in sharing your interpretations of “A Labor of Love” whether you showcase a person or a group or an object notable for the labor or laborer involved.” Publish your post and add your link to the Comments section at the bottom of Rusha’s post. Please don’t forget to add the tag Lens-Artists so you can be found in the Reader.

Next week we will be back on schedule, and Amy will be our host for challenge #114. Until then – stay well and be kind. To yourself as well.

70 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #113 – A Labor of Love

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  2. A beautiful post and photographs Ann-Christine, the people you met who are contributing to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest are a true blessing and inspiration 💚

  3. Your images are a fitting (and beautiful) tribute to so many around the world (your daughter included) who are working for all of us. I think the pandemic has brought many issues into sharper focus – environmental problems as well as societal inequities. We must all learn not to take our planet for granted.

  4. I admire your volunteerism and your tribute to those people who want to preserve the beauty and timelessness of nature. Their commitment and dedication are truly heroic. A wonderful post, A-C. I’m glad your internet connection finally worked!!

  5. I love these nature photographs. My youngest brother volunteered in the Peace Corps for two years, helping save nearby woods from deforestation for firewood. Given what I know about his experiences, it was definitely a labour of love. Praise to your daughter for her work in New Zealand.

    • Isn’t he sweet? He loved looking at us, and followed our canoe swinging happily through the canopy!
      Wishing you a wonderful week as well – did you put your link to Rusha Sams as well? She is our host this week.

      • Yes, I did add my link to Rusha’s site. She had a wonderful choice for the challenge this week. I’ve been to the rainforest and was fascinated by the freedom nature has while we’re viewing them. The Cappuchine monkeys did scare me a bit in Coasta Rica as they stick their teeth out when they’re happy. They have very sharp teeth. : O
        Be safe … Isadora

    • There are some great minds and labourers out there – I agree, and I think this challenge brought many of them to our attention!
      You would have loved that walk! But only very early in the morning. By midday there were thousands of biting, flying things. The night after this was not a happy one. BUT WORTH IT.

  6. A lovely post Ann-Christine, a wonderful tribute to unsung heroes. Your daughter volunteered in New Zealand and my daughter volunteered in Cambodia…makes us mothers so proud of our kids.

    • Thank you for loving them, and John – I too wish and pray they would stop the burning of the Amazon forest. They are destroying our world. Sorry to say, but I believe it is Bolzonaro who must go, to help the forest recover. If it is possible.

  7. You have focused your post on an issue near and dear to all of us: saving the planet. Thank you for noting and sharing photos of several areas of concern and also the people making a difference. You, too, are making a difference by making us more aware of what is happening and how we can help. I was struck by your comment that this area is one of the top areas you’ve ever visited — that speaks volumes about the care that you and others have for preservation.
    Thanks again for allowing me to be the guest host this week. The work that the four of you are doing to create and maintain the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge helps us all become aware of what brings meaning to our lives.

    • Rusha, this is such a beautiful comment. Almost brings tears to my eyes… I think between bloggers we have a great responsibility of sharing good things and ways to help making things better in the world. We can all contribute with something, experiences will grow new experiences. Sharing and learning together is important.
      I often think of the great fires in the Americas and in Australia. I am still in contact with our lodge in the Amazon, and it seems they are safe for now. So, You two Stay safe and well. Thank you for guest hosting with such a wonderful message!

  8. I love your take on this theme. It gives me much-needed hope to read about people whose labour’s of love benefit us all like this. Thank your daughter from me for being part of the amazing effort to save NZs precious and unique wildlife.

    • Su, I love these people who work from their heart. There really are many dedicated people out there…even if it sometimes seems nobody cares. New Zealanders are very dedicated and aware – was my impression already after a short month. ♥

  9. What an amazing post, Leya! What adventures you have had. Such nature as this is so beautiful and hard to even imagine from afar. Thank you for sharing your photos of the places and the lovely people. 🙂🧡

  10. what a beautiful labor of love post, Ann-Christine. i salute your family especially your daughter for your love and dedication to our Mother Earth! truly remarkable! thank you for all you do! 🙂

  11. Wow Ann-Christine. Ranking number one in your long list of travels is amazing. It’s one place we’ve not been but really want to visit. We had a trip scheduled to the galapagos that had to be cancelled for a health issue which was a heart-breaker. Not sure if we’ll ever get there now. Fingers crossed. Loved your post and kudos to your daughter for her time at the Cormandel. We visited there years ago and their pristine environment was glorious.

    • Thank you, Tina, and I hope you will get there some day – even if travelling right now seems far fetched. Just the feeling of the people working there, how deep their engagement is, is overwhelming. And I know your love for birds – this is a haven for bird watchers. It would have been great to see what got caught through your magical lens.

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