Thursday Thoughts – Sketches

A visit to the Museum of Sketches for Public Art ( Skissernas museum – Arkiv för dekorativ konst), also known as the Archive of Decorative Art, is indeed a pleasant visit. In the Header a suite I loved: Raoul Dufy’s La Fée Électricité (Paris 1937). The Art museum at Lund University in Sweden, is dedicated to the collection and display of sketches and drawings for contemporary monumental and public art, such as frescoes, sculpture and reliefs.

The museum contains about 25,000 items, including sketches and contest entries by leading 20th-century Swedish artists such as Isaac Grünewald, other Nordic artists and foreign artists such as Henry Moore, Diego Rivera and Henri Matisse.
Greta Garbo, KG (Karl Göte) Bejemark 1922 – 2000. Dimensions 166 x 150 x 54 cm. The big arms and feet symbolizing the big step forward. The profile is correct though…
Below the skirt…more legs of course!
The Swedish Room
Below, Mexican artists. My favorite is the first sketch, Pablo O’Higgins, Tenochtitlan libre, 1961. Then the concert room. Shot through very dirty glass.

The museum was founded in 1934 by Ragnar Josephson (1891–1966), professor of the History and Theory of Art at Lund University. Josephson wanted to collect material illuminating the creative process of the artist – not only the finished artwork itself. The collection opened to the public in 1941 in a building close to the Lund University Library.

I studied for many years in Lund, saw the sign every day, but never visited. Finally, now I did – better late than never! And it was well worth the visit.

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