Thursday Thoughts – Hiking Vedema

I guess this was maybe the last lasting snow this year – a beautiful day for us and the dogs. Start in soft sun and finish in the cold of the evening. Put on your warmest clothes and come along!

63 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Hiking Vedema

    • Haha – well, I thank you so very much, Mary Jo! I was eager to post on what I think is the last pieces of winter and snow here…but you never know…

  1. There are times when I want to brave the snow to take advantage of the beautiful scenery. Over the years, I haven’t taken that time often enough. Your set of images makes me want to accompany you on a photo walk in your woods on a winter’s day.

  2. My thoughts exactly! We had our proper snow last week and I think that was it…from minus 16 now we are warm and floating with 10 degrees! Crazy, right.
    Your photos is so crisp and beautiful and I am glad to see this beauty from your side.Those shots gave respect to this Pandemic Winter after all.

  3. A beautiful set of images Ann-Christine, winter at its very best. So glad you have heat again! Here in the US our friends in Texas are suffering terribly, many with no power or water in freezing temps. Here in the south we have torrential rain and thunderstorms but are not complaining as we are so much better off than so many. Climate change comes in many flavors I’m afraid. Wishing you many more beautiful, sunny days!

    • Thank you, Tina – hope storms and rain will be sufferable and tolerable. I hear on the news about Texas – hope they will soon have heat and electricity back again. During our biggest storm, Gudrun, we were left in the dark and cold for a week, some people for a month. We will never forget that. ..No hot water available grew rather difficult after a week. May the sun shine on you too!

  4. So loved the walk – think I’ll go back again later ! We have no such forests here . . . the country is basically covered with gumtrees or eucalypti growing every which way in up hill and down dale with untidy scrub in-between . . . no masses of straight trunks . . . so this feels so different . . .

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