Thursday Thoughts – The Best Part of Spring is Over…

The lilacs are gone now…but we had some glorious days in May and the beginning of June.

The loveliness of newborn, soft green leaves is fading…replaced with stronger and thicker greens.

Early morning after the farmer’s work in the field. Lovely, rich lines…

And some weeks later – we are coming up!

As the rapeseed is glowing for a couple of weeks…we have glorious days awaiting.

Showers make them lush and even more attractive.

But summer is on the march – in fact it is already here.

So, how is your summer coming along?

67 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – The Best Part of Spring is Over…

  1. Summer in Cornwall is never the same as elsewhere in the UK. We have had none of the recent heatwave, but days of sunshine and then cloud or even fog! But the garden is getting lush and overgrown and instead of planting it is a time for cutting back and removing! I love long summer evenings and wish they’d never end.

  2. Beautiful photos Ann-Christine! I love the lines of the ploughed field, the rape filed with the moon above and the cornflower – but all the images are great and so evocative of this time of year. In London we’ve had a hot start to June after a miserable wet May, but today it’s turned cloudy and storms are on the way.

  3. What a beautiful field of rapeseed. We call them canola fields over here when we see them in the spring here in Australia. Enjoy your summer. We are in winter at the moment here. It is…freezing (agree with Eha in the comments) but hopefully it will pass soon 🙂

  4. Our summer in North Dakota started early this year with 100+ F (38 C) in early June. Normally we don’t see that kind of heat until July and August. The western part of our state is in a severe drought and those of us here in eastern North Dakota aren’t much better off, though some recent rains have helped a bit.

  5. I guess you have to be correct…. after all it is mid summer at the weekend. It has also for us here in middle England been a strange spring nothing like the usual cycle of growth. You mention Lilac…..very few trèes flowered and those that did dropped as soon as they appeared.

      • Yes. Strange it is. We had such a cold spring, and wet, that the birds had no insects to feed their young. This is not a good year for them.

      • True.. but even the strange situation continues. No butterflies, few insects but lots of Bees in variety. Just been talking to a friend about our gardens, some flowers are smaller than usual, stinted growth whilst others have turned into triffids. My friend has lost all his apples, lots of leaf but the frost hit the blossom.

      • Sounds like here. I just said to my husband we have no butterflies this year. But lots of bees now. We had butterflies early when there was a warm spell for some days. The frost returned, and I guess for too long so the butterflies could not come back easily. We’ll see when the Buddleias start if the butterflies will show up again…

  6. Dear Ann-Christine,
    we like the composition of your pictures and the colours. Great pictures 👍
    Have a happy day and thanks for sharing
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. My Swedish grandmother always grew ‘bachelor buttons,’ which looked very much like the blue flower you show here. Perhaps they reminded her of what she always called ‘the old country.’

    • That is great of course, but I love our four seasons. Unfortunately they seem to be turning into two seasons only. Lilacs are some of my favourites!

  8. We, like Lisa, are having temperatures of around 115F which is well past spring weather in my mind. I miss lilacs so I enjoyed yours immensely and the photos of the fields are so satisfying.

  9. Interesting to see how the weather differs around the world! We are breaking records this week. Our temp read 115 degrees. Fortunately, it is forecasted to drop to about 105 next week. Your photos are so very beautiful. Hoping for good monsoon rains to arrive in the next few weeks 🙏🙏🙏

  10. Smiling at your beautiful summer photos from freezing eastern Australia . . . well, Swedish friends grin as we have every heater on with midday temperatures ‘only’ 18 C !!! Cannot wait for the thirties to return !! Absolutely love your rapeseed fields and am smiling at your cornflower photo . . . remember such together with poppies in the fields in my childhood Estonia . . . lovely . . .

  11. We had a week of heatwave and I thought perhaps that was what the whole summer was going to be like. But now we are back to normal temperatures and it is lovely. All we need is some rain for the farmers crops. Our neighbour farmers have corn and wheat growing and they need rain.

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