Lens-Artists Challenge #176- One Image/One Story

I thought we would go for a minimalistic challenge this week – a good excercise, but I know you as I know myself… So, that doesn’t mean you must only use one, single image…I am sure you have several stories to share! Pick one or two, maybe three? As long as you use only one image for each (possible) story you have captured.

What is a photo story? Some photos are staged, or taken just for their story, and some stories come up first when you see your photo on the screen. A lot of photographic storytelling involves capturing shots of interesting scenes and phenomena that cannot easily be explained through words. These photos either tell the story of an interesting person or persons/animal or animals, or maybe occupy a human rights or awareness angle by depicting the plight of people in poverty-stricken or war-torn places. There are so many stories to capture…and to tell – we are looking forward to seeing some of yours!

I have chosen three different stories. The opener is a staged image at an exhibition of painted (artist Martin Jacobsen) back drops from a famous Swedish play: Queen of F*cking Everything, starring Jonas Gardell. Here Jacobsen uses landscapes in a dialogue with art history and popular culture. We easily recognize the Disney castle and the beautiful Swan Lake hint.

Standing close to a theatre back drop is indeed awe inspiring, just the size of it, and I always wonder how an artist can paint at such a large scale and get the perspective right. Be it in churches, street graffiti or elsewhere. I guess that is what the people in this image are expressing too.

The above image is from an outdoor exhibition in Denmark, where a big ring was set in the grass, and children were happily jumping in and out of it. – Suddenly the ring started sending out smoke (smoke-rings, haha…), which got parents (and me…) swinging up their cameras. An ordinary thing doing extraordinary things… this had to be immortalized!

My last image is from an autumn hike, where I was lucky to capture this scene. Through a narrow tunnel of leaves – in a glen of light… I saw the old couple standing. As the path was narrow, I waited for them to pass first, and then I showed them the photo, asking if I could keep it. They were all smiles and happy to share. Before walking our separate ways, they told me their story…..

Thank you so much for last week’s blissfull moments! Amazing opportunities for us all to share wonderful inspiration. Now we hope you’ll join us in sharing YOUR stories: funny, inspirational, beautiful, special….as they are yours. Be sure to include a link to my original post and to use the Lens-Artists tag so we can all find you in the Reader.

Next week, December 4, Amy will be your host, and her theme will be Celebrating. Be sure to visit her on beautiful The World is a Book.

Wishing you a lovely weekend and hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

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  6. Hi Leya

    The way you phrase this is so true: “A lot of photographic storytelling involves capturing shots of interesting scenes and phenomena that cannot easily be explained through words.” A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. I really like your opener photo of the staged image at an exhibition of painted (artist Martin Jacobsen) back drops from a famous Swedish play: Queen of F*cking Everything!

    Here’s my “One Image, One Story_ offering:

    Beautiful Great Blue Heron Magic Trick?


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  42. Hi, AC. Your theme this week was marvelous! Such a creative idea. And your images are equally wonderful, along with their stories. I love the shot you took of the couple in the forest. I feel like it’s something out of a fairy tale. Just beautiful. And the smoking circle must have been such a thrill for grownups and kids. I also told the story behind 3 mysteries. Again, thanks for the inspiration and have a great week.

    Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #176: One Image, One Story

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  54. I would have loved the autumnal last photo of the forest walk anyways . . . but the coincidence of the lovely old couple being in the ‘right place at the right time’ has given the photo a presence of time and place . . . so glad they did not mind their private tine being immortalized . . .

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  58. Stunning images this week Ann-Christine, which do indeed tell their stories. That opening capture is really amazing and the little people in the image give us a perspective on its immensity.. And I loved the older couple in the heart of the forest. Wonderful

    • Thank you, Tina. I tried to vary the stories for everyone to get inspired. But my own favourite is the old couple – they were such sweet people. Walking with sticks, but going there once a week because they loved the forest!

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  60. That grandeur painting is certainly a majestic piece of art. The colors, the scene, all telling a magnificent story.
    And the last photo of the old couple surrounded by amazing leaves is remarkable. Very lovely theme for this week 🙂

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