Thursday Thoughts – Bird Food

We’ve had freezing cold weather for a week now, and the remaining berries and fruit are frozen into icicles.

Can you still identify them? The leaves will give you a hint.

38 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Bird Food

  1. This is a glorious series. I could only identify the rose hips, but I have to say i’ve never seen snow covered cherries on the tree! It must be a challenge to grow fruit there. The bottom one of leaves is strikingly beautiful. The leaves seem to be dancing.

  2. I only guessed one, Ann-Christine. Raspberries. No wonder I have so much trouble growing berries in our climate. They seem to favour cold climates. My husband said that he had the sweetest strawberries he has ever tasted in Sweden. Your photos show the magic, Ann-Christine. It really is a wonderland.

  3. We have a old folk saying… that when the berries are in profusion it is going to be a sever winter. Birds are being provided for. Here in our part of the UK berries are very few and far between. Luckily still plenty of insects for the birds.

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