Thursday Thoughts – I Try to Leave Nothing but Footprints

Stensjö By – an old heritage village left just like it was in the 1920’s. Nothing removed, nothing added.

Today we have to motivate people not to destroy, and to leave nature as they would love to see it. ”Leave it as you found it” is not always relevant though. I often bring a paper bag and pick up what other people have thrown away. I don’t know how it is possible not to have noticed how much waste there is, how much plastic and what it does to animals and to ourselves – to our very existence here. Is it too late to learn this lesson again? And it all depends on us, and the parents to the new generation… It is almost as simple as that – What I learned from my parents, I have taught my own children.

27 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – I Try to Leave Nothing but Footprints

  1. If only trash was the biggest problem but people actually destroy or deface so much in Nature and elsewhere. It’s such a terrible shame. You follow a good philosophy, Ann-Christine. It’s wonderful that the old place is maintained to continue its original appearance.

  2. I agree with the idea of taking personal responsibility for things like this. But at the same time, I think it should be made harder to litter. Why should everything come wrapped in non-biodegradable plastic or plasticized paper? We carry cloth bags for shopping, but it feels pretty useless when two apples are packaged into a plastic tray covered over with a transparent plastic wrapper.

  3. What a lovely spot! I used to periodically pick up trash in the park where I walked in Illinois. I never understood why people would litter, especially in a park, but really anywhere.

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  5. You’re right. My husband was a teacher, and was once horrified when some of the teenagers in his class suggested that dropping litter was fine, because it gave the street cleaners something to do ….

  6. I was talking to hubby about this the other day. The rubbish here diminished significantly during Covid, now it’s accumulating again 🙁

  7. It’s wierd, isn’t it? My parents didn’t have a lot of money and we often went on picnics. No-one would have dreamt of leaving a wrapper or a bottle behind. It just wasn’t done. Why is everything valued so cheaply these days? Litter is the most disgusting and ugly sight.

  8. Beautiful place and nice of you to pick up trash
    My spouse is a hiker and I join him once in a while and recently we went on a short two mike hike
    My spouse said it is the most littered of all the bikes he goes on (because it is short and popular) and he started bringing a bag for trash with him!

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