Thursday Thoughts – Hiding from the heat

I knew it was going to be hot today…I could feel it in the air – it would be too much for me.

So, I started out in the early morning, to dive into the fresh dew.

To lose myself in the silent meadow beauties.

23 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Hiding from the heat

  1. Stay cool, Ann-Christine. I’ve only been to Europe once and copped a few 28c degree days in Ireland. It seemed so much hotter than a 28c degree day in Australia! I think altitude, the closer you are to the poles and humidity makes a big difference to how hot you feel.

    • You are so right! Humidity makes all the difference to me. Moderate temperatures make me sweat all over here, but on a trip to Russia many years ago we ended up at a party in Siberia where 41-43 degrees ruled the day. I did not feel it – so dry in that desert. We were given Russian vodka to taste, and I did not feel anything there either…it went stright out in the dry air!

  2. *a practical smile* ‘Hot’ means various things in different parts of the world . . . here it is ‘hot’ if temps are past 42-43 C 🙂 !! Some people working in the sun may be given alterative tasks and sport is postponed in schools . . . the thirties we call ‘warm’ !!!

    • I would have guessed that, Eha. Much depends on the humidity, and here the high humidity makes me sweat all over at rather moderate degrees. When we went by the Transsiberian railway we ended up at a party where the degrees touched 41-43, and I did not feel it. So dry. They made us taste vodka, and I still did not feel anything…the dry air took it all!

      • Actually the humidity in my part of the world is very high so I know what you mean . . . methinks it is a matter of acceptance that this is a norm every summer . . . everybody makes their own accommodations ! Lucky you re the Trans Siberian – have wanted to do that foe decades !!!

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