LAPC #234 – Messages

Welcome Donna! Hosting this week with Messages.

Enjoy your search for messages in photography this week. The options are endless. ”Does the message from your last fortune cookie resonate with you? Clouds? Is there street art, neon signs, or store fronts that grab your attention? What about the underlying messages from marketing logos, or the message you want to portray in your photography. Just have fun”. And then, please link your post back to Donna and use the Lens-Artists tag so we can find you.

Ever since life started on earth, messages have been essential for our communication. Every living creature depends on the ability to communicate. Here are some different messages that I have found…mostly they speak for themselves.

Who left this place, seemingly only some seconds ago…? A dear friend who used to love lying in frosty grass. Happy to have captured his message now that he is gone since long.

I was here! Territorial messages can be marked in many ways.

I have never driven one of these, but many youngsters around here have one…Good message for the police to know what kind of car this is…

You don’t have to know the language if there is a message like this on the building. Pictures delivering messages are essential. This one represents one of our oldest theater forms, a craft almost forgotten in many countries.

One of my dear students is a Swedish champion in Jousting…

– taking a break maybe? Or, did he lose or win? I am sure he will return though, for his coat of arms, sword, armour and mask.

Play of words gives me great pleasure – here at the newest aquarium in Denmark – The Blue Planet. I will come back in a year or two with my grandchild.

Art almost always carry messages for us. With open eyes and senses we will understand. The problem is – will we learn?

A special thank you to Anne as she inspired us to take a One Lens Walk last week. Your interpretations to the challenge were creative and inspiring. Hearing more about what lenses people prefer was also interesting. Not surprisingly a zoom lens was very popular.

Now we are looking forward to your messages! Next week, Patti will lead with Shadows & Reflections in Monochrome. Make sure to visit her at Pilotfish for more inspiration.

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43 reaktioner på ”LAPC #234 – Messages

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  3. I felt I got to know the personality of your town, just a little bit. As for the message from works of art like the Guernica, sadly, we will never learn the message.

  4. Excellent variety and the theatre/puppet sign reminded me of when my boys made marionettes and how much fun it was.
    The jousting friends sure picked a unique hobby

  5. Such a creative take, AC. As the week moves along I find it fun to see there are still some ideas, I have not seen or thought of. Like everyone above, the dog was a perfect fit. I loved the theater. To think you have a student who Jousts, is interesting. There are lots of messages coming from that photo. History, legacy, Champion, a needed break, pride, so much. My favorite is the frosty grass. A message from the art, for sure. Thank you.

  6. Wonderful messages Ann-Christine, from funny to heart touching. I’m wondering though, why did you stop to take a picture of the dog peeing? It fit perfectly for this challenge!

  7. A great set of different messages. I especially liked the first shot, and of course the pun was fun. I’m always impressed when people who speak English as a second language can play with words like that 😀

  8. As always, a thoughtful post illustrated by wonderful images Ann-Christine. I loved the puppet which is adorable, and also your opening image with a wonderful message. We live on in the lives we have touched – an excellent reminder for us all.

    • ”We live on in the lives we have touched”, I love your easiness to express beautiful thoughts, Tina. Thank you for a lovely comment – again.

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