Lens-Artists Challenge #241 – Spring

This week Sofia invites us to show what Spring means to us. As winter refuses to let go of its grip this year, I will give you my feeling of ”vårvinter” or ”spring winter”. These are our days between winter and spring, and they belong to March in Sweden and Finland. Sometimes it is called ”the fifth season”.

The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month.

– Henry Van Dyke

This means that ice is melting during the day, but the cold night brings it back again. Mist often occurs.

The first cranes arrive – not many yet, only about 1000 at Hornborgasjön this week. And faraway they were from the view point…but I managed to find some of them.

More birds arriving to the lake, and in a couple of weeks there will be around 20000 cranes and thousands of other birds.

Spring winter brings a very special, magical light – a light filled with promise.

There is a faint chiming in the air, and bird calls, soft ones and strong ones. When all cranes have arrived, you cannot even hear your own thoughts…

But until then, the stillness over the landscape rules, peaceful, powerful.

Back home again, spring is even more in the air. Soon, soon the anemonies, the daffodils and all colours will arrive and once again we will be swept away by the miracle of spring.

New beginnings, Nature reborn or a new chance to go and enjoy the outdoors? For me, spring means all of this. We look forward to seeing what spring images you will come up with, so remember to link back to Sofia’s original post and to tag Lens-Artists.

Last week John took us on a journey through most often travelled roads, where our photography is most comfortable. It was fascinating to see the differences, but also how they all lead to the same destination. Next week it is Anne’s turn to host so please visit her beautiful site and join us if you can. Until then, take care and be kind.

For more information on the Lens-Artists Challenge, please click here.

24 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Challenge #241 – Spring

  1. I love the quote you picked to go with your crystal-cold pictures, my friend. Our spring is not as cold as yours, but I don’t feel we’ve really had our first spring day yet. I’m still used to a little warmth accompanying spring buds and flowers. 🙂 Have a great week!

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  3. Like everyone else, I love the idea of Spring Winter. Your images show the peace you feel. I remember watching for birds come spring. They seem to know better than we do, about the correct time to arrive. Here we have birds all year and welcome birds from the north in the winter. Very different. Love all the photos, especially the snowy flowers.

  4. Beautiful post Ann-Christine – I envy you the massive arrival of your birds! What a magical time it must be. Your images brought us into your world and while I would not enjoy the cold, perhaps it is almost worth it to see and feel the amazing transition. Loved the icy images, especially the little flowers poking through!

  5. What a difference between your spring and mine. For me spring is just the interval between the lovely winter and a harsh summer. I’d nearly forgotten how wonderful spring used to be after the bitter winter. Coupled with your photos your words brought back those memories. Wonderful post

  6. I can totally relate to that Henry Van Dyke quote and your photo essay too. As we await the melting of snow here in the upper midwest. Lovely photos, especially the scilla in the snow. I have those in my garden too and they’re usually the second to bloom, after the snowdrops. Probably(hopefully!) another month for both of those.

  7. Good to know about the fifth season Ann-Christine 😀. I saw the cranes while I was in India earlier this year. From your pictures, I can see that many of them are on their way back to their homelands now! I wonder who told them about this yearly ritual of migration..it’s just fascinating 🙂

  8. ”Spring-winter” is just the perfect term, isn’t it? It feels like Spring now, it happened in a couple of days. I hope it starts soon there too, Ann-Christine. But, in the meantime, we have a poetic post from you, so beautiful in its words and photos.

  9. I love seeing your side of the world and you have such wonderful photos that take me from my desk into your world. I have crane envy. They are so lovely to see flying overhead.
    I guess where the cranes and other birds gather for Spring is a RAMSAR wetland?

  10. Your beautiful bird photos bring a small child’s memories back . . . of nearly falling over one’s own feet watching the skies in wonderment with neck fully back whilst trying to walk 🙂 ! I honestly seem to hear their noise . . . 🙂 ! I did not know to call it the 5th season but remember the frustration of the yo-yo-ing spring days . . . soon for you, soon . . . may it be a wondrous awakening . . .

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