Lens-Artists Challenge #243 – It’s Tricky

This week Donna is our host – and yes, it is this tricky time of the year… she is so clever… but I have chosen tricky things that still are real and true…or most of them are.

Life is tricky – you never know what’s going to happen.

– Dito Montiel

My two dogs (both gone now) posing as ”The Town Musicians of Bremen” from the fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm.

Life is really pretty tricky, and there’s a lot of loss, and the longer you stay alive, the more people you lose whom you actually couldn’t live without.

– Anne Lamott

And what is this? Tricky…but soon coming to us in the northern hemisphere…

That’s the tricky thing these days: being able to surprise people.

– Joseph Kosinski

…and so are these little wonders.

Ideas aren’t magical; the only tricky part is holding on to one long enough to get it written down.

– Lynn Abbey

These two furry friends used to have a lot of fun together – and indeed we all had! Talking about all the tricks they played on us…

I think human beings are funny, tricky things.

– Amy Landecker (or Mille and Totti)

I have posted this image a couple of times before – but it is still truly tricky…which one is an animal and which one is a twig?

Double vision makes reading the prompter very tricky.

– Shannon Bream

Earthquake or…no, just modern architecture.

I find it tricky to make plans.

– Isabel Lucas

Time for a dog again…WANTED – dead or alive!

I just like having creative solutions to tricky situations.

– Simone Giertz

This is the fascinating remains of a basilica in Tblisi, Georgia. I walked past it and noticed you could touch the debris through the window, and see across the whole building to another window. Enigmatic.

Making peace with one’s choices is always a tricky feat to achieve.

– Sameera Reddy

As you may have understood, I am not the really tricky sort…so, I will borrow some of Erik Johansson‘s works. He is a Swedish artist based in Prague, who creates surreal images by combining images to what looks like a real photograph, but with logical inconsistencies. The trickiest guy I know… enjoy!

Thanks to Donna for this week’s tricky challenge. Be sure to check out her amazing post, and to link your responses to it here. Thanks also to Anne for last week’s New Experiences challenge. A fabulous trip to Australia, and many interesting responses and tips what you can do and where you can go.

Next week we’re excited to welcome Guest Host Siobhan of Bend Branches so be sure to check out her post at noon EST next Saturday. Until then, please remember to stay safe and be kind.

48 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Challenge #243 – It’s Tricky

  1. Wow, AC. You know I love your dog images! I also really enjoyed your image from Georgia and the photos from Johnasson. Wonderful! Take care. Sending hugs, too.

  2. That twig insect is incredible but I think I can see tiny legs giving the game away! I love your dogs posing as the Musicians of Bremen, very clever. They look so cute, you must miss them a lot. And thanks for sharing those works by Erik Johansson – amazingly creative!

  3. What fun you had with this one Ann-Christine!! My favorite image is the guy hanging sunshine on the cloudy sky – very clever. And of course all of your pups’ photos are wonderful. Finally, LOVED the ”earthquake” image!

  4. Being the least tricky person in the big wide world I can but look, admire and try to work things out 🙂 ! What caught my eye was the mention of Bros Grimm as I was brought up on these rather cruel tales . . . different times, different mores . . .

  5. AC, what an impressive gallery. I loved seeing Erik Johansson’s work showcased here. It deserves a second and third look. Very curious. The pups are truly a great addition to tricky for many reasons. Lots of laughs when they were still here, no doubt.

    I was so glad you found a twig bug. I went to our local Butterfly museum thinking they might have some stick bugs to photograph for the challenge, and I was disappointed they only had a poster of one. lol. When I was teaching we had them in my classroom. The kids loved playing with them and it was also such a great lesson in being gentle, amongst other things.

    Yes, Spring is coming. I think my favorite photo was the basilica in Georgia. I love stumbling upon places like that. To some they are rundown buildings, to others…art. I loved all of this, including the quotes that were so carefully selected.

  6. I like the flowers and laughed to see that the top dog in the first photo is also balancing a chair at a very tricky angle. 🙂 My favorite is the window at the end of the post and I enjoyed the creations of the artist you featured.

  7. Lovely post as always 😀…I think I figured out the animal too 🙃. The Town Musicians of Bremen pose is cool 😂..just missing two more musicians

  8. So much to love in this post A-C. The purple flowers is just so good, the dogs made me laugh but I did see the little legs but won’t give the answer on the moth/stick question 🙂

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