CFFC – Trees

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Trees

Trees – My Life, and the whole World´s Life is depending on them. In the header, one of the last shots of the forest I always photograph during all seasons. Two days ago I went there on coming home from a week in Poland. The whole forest is down – my heart aches, and my eyes cry –

Winter in the meadows

Summer in the forest

Autumn is coming

CFFC: Animals

For Cee this week – sturdy, but elegant Icelandic horses. Lovely meeting them this July.

CFFC: Smiles

Cee asks us to smile this week – Here’s one from me, last summer when I finally got away from the heat and drought in Skåne and reached the sweet, fresh air of Norrland and Lofoten. The best smile that year…

And the sweetie in the header, from Jokkmokk’s Market in Lappland, Sweden.

You can never get too many smiles in your life!



CFFC: Hands

My son has got very slender hands – in Sweden we say ”pianofingrar, pianohänder” – piano fingers or piano hands. So, when I finally bought a new watch last week, my old one being more than 40 years old, I wanted to photograph his hands with the Momo Mase´ instead of mine. He said OK. For Cee.




CFFC: Bridges

Cee’s challenge this week is about Bridges. Of course there can be both indoor and outdoor bridges! Both hot and cold!