Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #30 – Unexpected

Unexpected – unexpected what? Now, that is up to you!

Did something totally unexpected happen today? Did you meet someone unexpected at the grocery store, or did you find something in an unexpected place …or, maybe You are up to something unexpected?

My post hopefully will contain something you would not expect from me!

Our son is a good photographer and a graphic designer – I borrowed his fish-eye lens for a couple of days… just for fun, and the opportunity to illustrate how it is to live in My bubble. Because I do live in some kind of bubble, where I try to create a positive life surrounding me and my family. I find it rather necessary in this world!

Hope you will enjoy a glimpse into my own transparent bubble – and then – I am looking forward to seeing Your interpretation of Unexpected!

When I am not traveling or hiking, much of my time is spent at home. Among everything else, I try to take care of my husband, my old parents and my two dogs.

My house is not that big – but… bigger than a Hobbiton house anyway!

It contains mostly flowers – many of them orchids – and memories…

…from travels, my children and my own childhood

Let’s step into my everyday life…


…where I spend most of my time!

A soft place where to rest quietly – maybe listening to music – is necessary. And there has to be much light.

My working area is indeed something for Marie Kondo…but they say a tidy and empty place reveals how you look inside too…

My space for work, fun, correspondence – and memories…

…this is the crew on our Galapagos ship – still smiling at me!

But soon it is time for a dog walk again! (At least three times a day, so I don’t have to worry about fitness training…) I wonder who is the happiest creature about that?

I hope you enjoyed these bubbles – at least I had great fun!


Have you seen these from Patti’s Challenge ”Cityscapes”? Thank you for joining in with so many amazing entries – I had difficulties in picking out just a few!

Laura at poetrypix gives us a London feeling

Click this, TAPG – a marvelous view of Tokyo

Bulldog, Moody winds from Chicago



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    • I am glad you like it Mei-Mei! I was fortunate enough to meet this artist in Galapagos, and bought this map from her. She even painted our ship in it! Glad you like the bubbly version of my home too – I think they were very funny to click!

      • I can understand that. When the painting (a print of it, that is) arrived some months later, I was so happy about it. I removed everything from that wall and put this one first.

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  40. Love those photos, especially the first one and the slide show. It’s specially nice to sit in this chilly city of mine, where the temperature has dipped to 20 degrees, and enjoy the sight of your frosty surroundings.

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  46. Leya, it looks like you had a lot of fun with the fish-eye lens. I enjoyed the way you framed the lovely tour around your home. Wonderful that you are pleased with the ”unexpected” fruits from your lens! Thanks for a delightful challenge. ~Jane

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  48. So unexpected, Ann-Christine. What a creative way for this theme. Thank you for the grand tour of your beautiful house and your cooking, walking… via the fish-eye lens. Love it!!

    • Thank you, Amy! A fun lens indeed – and it made everything look much better than in reality… So, without that possibility, there would have been no tour at all. In fact I think I will borrow that lens again some day, to get to know it better. So glad you liked it!

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  50. Ahh, it’s so beautiful to see your life from the inside. Wonderful wonderful place, just as you are! I love your kitchen!!! And your living-room. And everything! Thank you for such a personal tour!

    • Manja, Manja – I just want to say this is a magical lens! Nothing is that lovely in reality…somehow every flaw is gone and – well it’s the distortion, isn’t it? ;-D But thank you so much for a lovely comment!

    • This is the first time I tried one – a bit tricky, but fun. You cannot zoom in or out, and the background is there whatever you do – no chance of blurring it properly. But the lens was perfect in low light.

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  53. Love these photos and the story! I particularly like ”… but they say a tidy and empty place reveals how you look inside too…” for a good reason. Ha.
    Have a wonderful day.

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