Lens Artists Challenge #251 – Buildings and other Structures

Anne shows us some awesome buildings and structures, some from her trip to Australia. This is an interesting theme with already many responses too.

From me, there is a gallery from Prague – what caught my eye especially in this lovely city.

Ginger and Fred – On top!

Natural structures …too

Juxtapositions are always fascinating

Old and new.

In the middle stands a replica of the Eiffel Tower.

Old and famous

Strange and beautiful church interiors. To the left…figures peeping out from almost every pillar!

Libraries of course

Details details…

Anne asks us to find our own fascinating structures that capture your attention, tell a story or are just beautiful. Capture new scenes or take a trip down memory lane in our photo archives. Remember to link to her challenge when you post and use the Lens-Artists tag. Looking forward to seeing all your artful structures!

Winding beauty – a favourite building style

Many thanks to Amy and her challenge of Cloudscapes and Skyscapes last week. I love skies too, and enjoyed the beautiful images that you all posted. Next week Donna will be hosting LAPC. So, look for her special and exciting challenge.

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Thursday Thoughts – Unexpected Views

These two images shows not what I had expected to find in Prague. But I loved both finds – seen on the walk to the famous Karls Bridge.

Beautiful architecture I knew I would find – and in the header is an image more according to my expectations. I love surprises though!

LAPC – Looking Back

Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness

– Frank Gehry

This challenge from Sofia is about time, how things evolve. I have chosen architecture in the city of Tblisi, Georgia. A city I loved from start to finish, because of …everything! Its architecture ranges from caves to supermodern buildings. They have it all. I loved its gentle and smiling people, the delicious food and wine.

Starting out of the city centre, we visited habitable caves where people lived until just recently.

When walking out of the oldest area and down to the city center, we saw more of tiles and bricks, modern and old techniques. The Orbeliani Sulphur Baths are spectacular buildings from the beginning of the city’s history in the 5th century.

In the middle the most famous of the baths in oriental style.

In some places the juxtapositions were too painful. Many people wanted to preserve something of the old style, and the restorations were fairly well done. But we found buildings made of wood, bricks, tiles and finally glass, together.

The ornamented and typical old style was broken into rounded corners and reflecting glass panels. When we asked people about their ”new” city, not many of them were positive to the changes. They only wanted clean water and electricity.

As you could see in the overall picture of Tblisi, there were some buildings that looked extremely odd – the Concert Hall (not in use…) and the Peace Bridge (in the upper left corner ).

Any architectural work that does not express serenity is an error

Luis Barragán

Peace bridge in night light. Somehow changes are often taken to the extreme, and to me, it seems old and new seldom manage to coexist beautifully.

Alexandr, our guide, saw it as his mission to photograph old Tblisi for future generations to see and for older generations to reminisce about their younger days. And because he loved his city. He walked the streets of the old city every day, and the tearing down of the elaborately built houses, balconies and staircases made him sad. He told us he was going to donate all his photos to the city museum when he was unable to work anymore.

Beauty perishes in life, but is immortal in art

– Leonardo da Vinci

Sofia picked Art representations to show the passing of time. Now it is up to you to choose where you want to go when you look back in time. Maybe you will want to focus on the evolution of transport, or want to show things that have seen better days… or things that have become obsolete. We’re excited to see where and when you’ll take us. Remember to link to Sofia’s original post and tag Lens-Artists so we can all find you.

A special thank you to John and everyone that took part in last week’s challenge. There were many amazing images from 2022 and promises of a great 2023. Next week Anne will be our host. Please visit her wonderful site for inspiration.

Thursday Thoughts – Walking in Porto, Things that Caught My Eye

Today I feel like sharing another random walk…in Porto. When we walk it is not always a scheduled walk, I love lonely walks without a meticulous plan. Just to see what cathes my eye…so, come walk with me. Not many words needed.

Abandoned places always speak to me…

Walking on bridges gives you a different view of things.

Narrow streets are often tempting to walk…quite irresistible.

Realising the scale of things can be breathtaking.

His view?

This one! The young Brasilian playing was a complete virtuoso. He played among other wellknown artists, Carlos Santana. It was almost impossible to stop listening.

Just for fun.

Old houses and new art.

And who can resist a sight like this?

Some more of the beautiful wall art.

And we ended our Porto tour with a beautiful play of light and music in the neighbouring church.

Thursday Thoughts – Porto and the Waterfront

As much as I love the alleyways and narrow, cobbled streets, Porto has a beautiful waterfront too. We walked and we took a boat trip to see the colourful houses from a distance. And we were not disappointed.

Walking down to the river…

…or walking up from it – was always a treat. I even met some dogs enjoying the shadow.

Colourful and happy houses makes the wanderer happy too!

The bridge across the river made for beautiful views all over. The city looks delightful any time of the day.

A boat trip along the river is always to be recommended. I am not a boat person, but you will see all the bridges and the waterfront up close.

As we were lucky with the weather, there was no wind either.

So far we had only walked the Porto side of the river. Another day we would walk the Gaia, where there are many good restaurants and all the wineries.

Gaia photographed from another bridge. We couldn’t get enough of the river – or the many bridges. We’d had a delightful day, so thank you for coming along!

Thursday Thoughts – Traveling again…

The first flight since covid, almost three years ago. We had a lovely week, and… I will be sorting the photos for some days. Wishing you all a lovely weekend!