14 reaktioner på ”Invigning av Skatepark… i regn

  1. 😉 That’s the way it works…Oh, yes, he is one of those kids who started this some years ago over here where we live. Then they started this skateboard association or club, and now they have managed to get some money for the project from EU. He’s been working hard for this – so now they are well rewarded!

    • True, they don’t feel pain or rain. My son used to look very battered and bruised but never complained. Now he is a bit older and out of practice this winter, so I have heard some moaning this week…

      • Is he skateboarding …. ????? You know … when the devil becomes old he/she become religious. *smile
        I remember I queued to nightclubs in the middle of the winter – in mini short coat … didn’t feel any pain neither.

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