Lens Artists Photo Challenge #77 – Favorite Photos of 2019

For our last Lens-Artists Photo Challenge of 2019, Patti suggests we look back at our year in images.  Here are my favorites, starting in January and finishing in December. Which ones are yours?

January, Sweden

February, my forest, Sweden

March, Umeå, Sweden

April, Holland, the flower exhibitions at Keukenhof

Hyacinths and tulips, Keukenhof

May, my garden, Magnolia

May, spring forest, Sweden

May, Söderto fortress, Sweden

July, The Sun Voyager, Iceland


August, the Concert Hall, Stettin

September, My garden

December, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Neretva River and Stari Most

We hope you will join in this week for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #77: Favorite Photos of 2019. Just add a link to Patti’s post. (Links from the Reader are not working correctly.) Use the Lens-Artists tag to help us find you.

As 2019 draws to a close, we hope you have enjoyed our photographic adventures together – and that you will continue enjoying it!  You’ve helped us create a marvelous creative “space” here on Word Press.  Patti, Amy, Tina, and I truly thank you for your support.

Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous, healthy, and happy new year!  Stay tuned for my (Ann-Christine’s) first post in the new year (#78) on January 4th, 2020.







99 reaktioner på ”Lens Artists Photo Challenge #77 – Favorite Photos of 2019

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  3. Thanks for your review, Ann-Christine: your July image of ”The Sun Voyager” from Iceland makes me want to go on an ocean-side voyage (in a Viking boat, or on the QE2). It almost looks like the boat sculpture is about to get up on its own legs and walk off into the ocean; the sculpture reminds me of similar objects in the movie ”Beetlejuice.” 😅

  4. Your photos are gorgeous. The woods in January is incredible. But my favorite is your feature photo of the flower and dew. So amazing!

  5. Your selections are so intriguing. I love the compositions, textures, and pops of color. Seeing peeks of your gardens made me smile. It was fun to see how your garden changes throughout the year. I look forward to seeing what 2020 photos you’ll share!! That first dewdrop photo is so beautiful!!

  6. Fantastiska bilder! Så många platser och en sån variation. Den översta med blomman är underbar och jag faller för Concert Hall i Stettin liksom spindelnätet som är outstanding.

  7. The colors in your photographs always grab my attention. Each one of these is no exception. If I had to choose one favorite, it would be the interior shot from March. Such interesting details and warm colors. It makes me want to visit!!

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  9. These are all marvelous A-C, I loved them all. For me the nature shots of Sweden and the red-dressed figure on the steps are outstanding but I always love all of your work and sincerely appreciate your participation in and commitment to our little team. Here’s to an outstanding 2020 my friend

  10. What a fabulous collection of photos. So many that caught my eye and I thought ”this will be my favorite” But then I would see another and love it too! Happy New Year and i look forward to more of your photos in 2020.

  11. Such beautiful shots, it’s hard to pick favorites. I’ll try. March, Umeå, Sweden, May, spring forest, Sweden, and December, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Neretva River and Stari Most (Old Bridge). I also very much like May, Söderto fortress, Sweden, and Iceland. All of them are a pleasure to view.

  12. A fabulous selection Ann-Christine, I especially love the images in nature through the seasons. Thank you too for hosting these lovely challenges and all good wishes to you and your family for a healthy and joyous New Year! xxx

  13. Hi, Ann-Christine. Your collection is gorgeous. I am lingering over your 2 May shots. They are especially beautiful. I also want to send you a virtual hug and thanks for being such a wonderful person to collaborate with on these challenges. Wishing you lots of joy, good health, and satisfaction in the new year.

    • So glad you enjoyed my gallery – it is difficult to choose…some are for the image, some for the experienced moment. But that is just as it should be. You know, the medieval Mostar Bridge is something I have wanted to see for at least 30 years! It has been bombed, it has been going down in earthquakes – but now it is rebuilt again. A dream come true. The feeling!
      I thank you for great co-work, Patti – we do work well together, and also we have great fun. A very good combo. Wishing you a satisfying 2020!

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