Thursday Thoughts – Treasured Moments of Joy

Tonight, after a lovely day out, hiking and enjoying the sunshine, I was contemplating what really made me happy and in a good mood these last weeks. Do you often reflect upon what makes you happy? We should. At least reflection brings me more harmony.

To experience things together with my children is a great joy. In Umeå, we had some really bright and crisp days with much snow. The walks were gloriously fresh and beautiful. We laughed and talked and had Swedish ”Fika”.

My son and I had an excellent guide – his sister. Here admiring the sculpture ”Green Fire”

I loved seeing David without a skateboard too…but keeping his skate shoes on of course…

Two saints – for a day…

This bench was warm…I don’t know if it was because of the two saints sitting there, or… obviously it also could have been warmed up by its previous guests – who left two empty bottles in the snow…But I do believe the answer lies inside the concrete…

Meeting lovely people is another great joy. Umeå seems to be the place where many of them live… – this lady looked really sweet, and had left her home knitted mittens on top of the bag. It’s warm today, she said,  – last week we had – 25 C.

Passing by this balcony, we could not help stopping to admire the bird house. As the door was open, the lady came out and said hello – all smiles and waving to us.

”Imagine Peace”

Finally, I must return to the homely book store once more. It holds still another answer to what brought me great joy those days – Imagine Peace.




43 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Treasured Moments of Joy

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  2. Beautiful photos and a lovely post, Ann Christine! I shall think about what makes me happy more often. And when possible show it in my photographs. Thanks for this very inspirational post.

  3. What a lovely, heartwarming post, Ann Christine – and I love those sunlit trees! And the happy old lady….I know what makes me happy…friendship, simple things like cooking for friends, out for coffee, seeing new places

  4. What makes you happy is such an important question. Glad you reflected and these are some everyday shots we would have seen or be a part of. Lady with the bird house looks so friendly 😊

    • Janet, I am so glad to be of help. It is just, maybe, to see others’ ordinary days and what makes them brighter. It is the little things, Isn’t it, that are important. Wishing you a lovely weekend. ♥

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