Thursday Thoughts – Oaks and Hazel in All Directions

Have you ever stopped to look at a view from all directions – tried to memorize it and then photographed it? I think it makes me more firmly rooted. In the header – North.

An unknown country road on a sunny February day – no wind. East.

Three sides photographed now – West.

When I walked out in the middle of the road here, I felt I had at least three thoughts, besides how beautiful the oaks were:  I hope there are no cars coming… I wonder when this road lost its gravel? I wonder how many farms were connected by it from the start?  – Now I wonder what your thoughts might be? I love country roads – they hold a special place in my heart, so, how about you?

And finally, South.

How I love the naked winter trees against the blue sky.



17 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Oaks and Hazel in All Directions

  1. This is beautiful. I was thinking of this just recently, what a cool series this could make, four photos taken from the same spot. In fact I did a similar thing in Rome earlier this year. Three sides were gorgeous and to the south was trash.

    • Well, not often a spot is in the middle of a photogenic area…Glad you liked it though. Rome was a good test! I think I will try more of this😉

  2. That was fun. I’m glad there were no cars coming. 🙂 I often do this when I’m in the mountains, especially when I can see quite a ways in many directions.

    I read Wallander but they’re rather depressing and the last book, the end of the series, made me furious! He ended it on a completely depressing, miserable note. 😦


    • Hahaha – great! Well, I am heading back to where I came from – South. Nice to hear what you were thinking about my whimsicalness!

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