Lens-Artists Challenge # 244 – Glowing Moments

This week we are honoured to have Siobhan from Bend Branches as our host, and she invites us to share those special, glowing moments in our lives.

Yet, taught by time, my heart has learned to glow for other’s good, and melt at other’s woe.

– Homer

Now I will share some of my glowing moments with you. Some are literally glowing…some of them yearly glowing, and some are for once in a lifetime.

The glowing reeds on a warm summer’s night – a treat every year at our summer house. The warm wind and the soft sound of the waves, the mosquito bites and Milo taking the last swim of the day.

Another way of glowing is the wine in my garden – a treat to the eye.

Spring! A glowing moment every year, and without it, life would be rather miserable.

When you have light in your mind, you shine.
When you have light in your heart, you glow.
When you have light in your soul, you rise.

― Matshona Dhliwayo

Some people stay with you forever…especially old people who have been through the ups and downs of life, and then share their wisdom with us. They make their golden years a gift to others as well. This is Stig, the father of my childhood friend. He was always funny and clever, wise and sweet…and I bet you can see it in his eyes as he is smiling over the reading table.

Another golden moment was when Milo moved in with us – who could resist those eyes? I still can’t…

Te Matua Ngahere

New Zealand was full of glowing moments, but maybe the most spectacular one was the first time we met one of the endemic Kauri trees in their North Island forest. We could not even see the top of the tree in the dense forest – only the gigantic trunk. Majestic, and holy to the Maori.

When we recall the past, we usually find that it is the simplest things – not the great occasions – that in retrospect give off the greatest glow of happiness.

– Bob Hope

Late evening in the orchid meadow. I visit every Spring, and lying down on the sun warmed boardwalk, looking up at the sky – are moments to treasure.

The most wonderful of all things in life, I believe, is the discovery of another human being with whom one’s relationship has a glowing depth, beauty, and joy as the years increase.

– Hugh Walpole

There was a special glow that day, when this little lady made her entrance into this world – and the contact between her and her father was instant and loving. Every moment with her is golden. But I guess it is the same for every grandmother!

So, now we are looking forward to seeing your own glowing moments! Be sure to link your contributions to this post and include the Lens-Artists tag.

Special thanks also to Donna of Wind Kisses for her “It’s Tricky” prompt last week. So many fun and “tricky” photos, including reflections, artistic effects, and different perspectives. It’s great to practice thinking outside the box!

Next week, Tina of Travels and Trifles will be our host, so be sure to visit her site and enjoy her amazing photography.

Until then, stay calm and be kind.

Thursday Thoughts – Driving Home

I just wanted to send you some winter magic we found along the road last week.

It was darkening fast, so – the quality might not be perfect…

…but who can just pass by these without stopping for a photo?

LAPC #210 – Picking Favourites

Sarah of Travel with me is our guest host this week, and she says:

”I want to ask you all to join me in sharing three of what you consider to be among your very best shots. This exercise will really test your ability to be self-critical, as it has mine. Look into your archives and apply your most critical eye; play ‘judge’ and try to look dispassionately at your images.”

Sarah asks us to pick out three that stand out as particular favourites, and three from different genres. The genres are up to us to decide: macro, wildlife, street, landscape, architecture. Anything goes, but ”each must be an image you are proud of.”

Not easily done this picking…and I sneaked in a header photo as well…hope you don’t mind, Sarah! But, I made it fairly easy for myself by picking the two award winning images I have, in genres I love, macro and nature – trees. But let’s start with the third image, from 2016:

This favourite is from the Fluela Pass in Switzerland. I have showed it many times, but never tire of it. Also a pleasant surprise as there was no reflection when we passed here in the morning – then this magic appeared when we went back the same road. The people in the image shows the very size of the landscape, and I love the feeling of an endless mountain range disappearing into the blue sky. I remember the difficulty in getting it all inside the frame…a vast landscape and a difficult angle.

This Epiphyllum cactus, in Sweden called Princess of the Night, is a gem. This is her first flower, a warm summer night in 2016. And how we stayed up late, waiting for the wonder to happen! 25 cm of magic, only lasting for a few hours. This photo was taken with my phone, but won a medal of honour and a place in our Nordic photo competition that year. It is in their yearly book of best photos as well.

It was my first competition – I generally don’t send photos to competitions… and I was happy and proud. I think that magical night and the first time I saw the beautiful flower unfold, will stay with me forever.

This image (from the Autumn of 2018) of my favourite beech tree is very precious to me. The photo was taken before the great storms and the heavy snowfall last year, so the tree is intact in this image. Some of his big branches are gone now.

Not much to be seen of the tree in the picture, but that thrills the imagination of the viewer. We understand that the size of the tree must be huge – look at the texture of the trunk and the long, horisontal branches. He is hundreds of years old, and more than 30 meters high, standing alone in an open meadow. I also love the view of the birch trees and the beeches taken under his wings… Because I imagine he is a he – and he is keeping an eye on us all. We usually talk at least once a week.

Being an award winner too, and the only photo of mine sitting on my wall – I have to pick this one. Getting it printed on canvas was part of the prize, and the reason for me to participate was the story of a favourite tree, as trees are my passion. The host was a national park.

If I try to summarize…I can see that I photograph more with my heart than with camera and lens. Strong memories and precious moments I treasure the most. I want the image to reveal my emotions – and to stir yours. I have several thousands of photos collected throughout the years…but the best ones have sprung out of special moments where my feelings shine through.

Special thanks too to Tracy for hosting that interesting Surrealism challenge last week and to everyone who joined in; it was great to see the variety of responses! Anne will be our host next week, Saturday, August 6. Her intriguing theme will be What’s Your Photographic Groove.

Until then, stay safe and cool – and be kind.