Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #45 – Street Art

Patti’s challenge this week is all about Street Art – something I believe people in general  have a special relation to. She shows us some remarkable examples of fine Street Art and asks us to send some more…so, here we go. Greetings from Poland, Sweden and Ireland.

In the header – This happy party I found in a small alley in Lodz, Poland.

Light Move Festival – Lodz

Poster – Canadian artists from famous Cirque du Soleil visiting Sweden

Mural – Blending in nicely in Lodz

Installation – Poland

Graffiti: Peace Wall – Ireland

Welcome to join in!

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  • If you need more detailed instructions, click here.

Next week…

…I will be your host! Ann-Christine, Challenge #46.  Wishing you an inspirational week and hope to see you then!




31 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #45 – Street Art

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  2. Peace wall is my fav of your variety here
    And wow- I can only imagine the photos you have in archive – for you to whip out these for a post – wow -?
    And the TV installation is cool – what were your thoughts on that after seeing it in person?

    • Glad you liked them! And the TV’s – they were all old Soviet Russian ones, sent in by people from everywhere. And in the middle of it all was a Lenin Statue lying on the ground, with one arm broken. It was supposed to tell about those cold days in the past. Mixed feelings, really. But I liked it.

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  4. What a cool collection of street art display, AC! The TV installation is different and very creative.
    Thank you for the tour. 🙂

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  6. Great examples of vibrant street art, AC. I think my favorite though is the TV installation in Poland. What a great concept! It really makes you think about the impact of TV on our perception of reality. Have a good weekend at home or away.

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