Lens-Artists Challenge #122 – The Sun will come out Tomorrow

Last week, you shared beautiful, creative, and interesting photos for Patti’s “Focus on the Subject.”I think we learned something new all of us! This week Ana of Anvica’s Gallery is our guest host – be sure to visit her inspiring blog and get even more inspired!

Where I live, in Sweden, winter is very dark, and for many months there will be a constant lack of light and energy. November is the starting month of this seemingly endless period. Some people even use light therapy, spending hours in a totally white room in order to cope with the everyday darkness. There has been more of this since the winters do not provide us with enough snow anymore.

One may not reach the dawn save by the path of the night.

– Germaine Greer

My own solution is spending time outdoors as much as possible during the few hours of light, soaking up sunrays for the pineal gland. But with the last leaves gone, so are the bright colours. ”How to survive November” is a common struggle for us Nordic people every year.

The evening sings in a voice of amber, the dawn is surely coming.

– Al Stewart

If you have extra to spare, share some of your sunshine with others. Those who are in a dark place may just need that small break in the their clouds to see some sunlight again.
― Christine E. Szymanski

Just living isn’t enough”, said the butterfly, ”one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower”.

– Hans Christian Anderson

I believe this year, these days, this butterfly’s statement is more accurate than ever. So remember – the sun is still there, somewhere behind the clouds. And it will come out tomorrow.

Now we are looking forward to seeing Your part of the challenge! Don’t forget to include a link to Ana’s post and use the Lens-Artists tag so that everyone can find you in the WP Reader. Next week, I, Ann-Christine, will lead the challenge on Saturday, November 14th. Until then – stay safe and well.

100 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Challenge #122 – The Sun will come out Tomorrow

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  2. A-C, what more is there to say … than WOW!!! I just love you images and your storytelling – you are so good. TOO good! I can see I have missed quite a few of the challenge – better get my act together. Too much of GuruShots. Also, my eye is playing up again, both infection and inflammation just now. Killing me. I will be back in the race this weekend.

    • Viveka, thank you for your kind words! I follow your GuruShots and you are so skilled! Don’t like it that your eye is getting infected again though – take care. Do you have to go to the hospital again?

      • A-C, been back to day … and I have another week of cream and drops. Hopefully that will be it. I had so big plans for my plans … for yours theme/topic – but it didn’t turn out that way. So sorry, but I felt I had to write about. Not really a fun reading. I’m so upset still about this morning. Reality is creeping closer and closer.

      • Viveka, jag läste – åh fy…du kanske skulle flytta…Alltför mycket händer där du bor tycker jag. Var rädd om dig! Jag vet att du är det men…ännu mer rädd om dig. ♥

  3. I love your collage! And the sun peeking out between the trees. It is hard to get through the winter with so much less daylight. Can you spend time in your glass house when it is a sunny day? (or is it not heated…). As always I enjoyed your amazing photos. Stay well 🙂

  4. I love all those golden tones in your photos. It is a real struggle in some parts of the world to get enough sun in the winter. I’ve heard about your dark winters. I’ve lived in places where there is very little sun during those months, and as you say, it’s especially important to spend time outside so you can get whatever rays you can! I wish I could send you some sunshine in a bottle! But your photos are a burst of sunshine for me! Thanks, as alway, for your beautiful images and inspiring thoughts.

  5. Oh what a gorgeous post, I love your golden hour photos. I would have to be the people who live in a white room. We are cloudy a lot and I keep a sunlight light by my computer so I can turn it on during dark gray days. I know it doesn’t compare to your lack of daylight though.

  6. Your images, as always Ann-Christine, are stunning and your message is spot-on. I cannot imagine months without hours of sunlight. I imagine you and your counterparts there have much stronger constitutions than we do here in the southern US. I complain when we do the time change and daylight ends at 5:30 in the evening – even that is not enough for me!

    • Thank you, Tina – I know you are a ”sunny” girl! Happy you like the soft evening images – even though the light is almost gone, the memories are there and the hope for a Spring to come.

  7. I so enjoy seeing the things that we don’t have or see so thank you for sharing these gorgeous snapshots. That’s the amber colours, the golden light and the soft mushy fallen leaves underfoot. Ah. It is so special. I love that you rug up and get outdoors to avoid the darkness.

    • Thank you so much, Amanda! I couldn’t exist without going out every day – even in rain or storm. Hope you are ok down there – we are so far.

      • We are so lucky to live on an island at the far end of the earth. Finally, the tyranny of distance favours us in some way. We have no cases for 55 days. Just 5 active cases in hotel quarantine. Dpwn south they had some problems that they have overcome now. We hear worrying reports from Europe and wonder what will happen when our borders are reopened. Are your borders open?

      • Congrats on holding back Covid efficiently! It seems Europe and the Americas are having a lot of cases again. And so are we in Sweden. But nothing compared to April, and the death tolls are much less compared to this spring. Then everything was new and unknown. The treatment has been refined, and we are expecting a vaccine at the beginning of 2021. Our borders have always been open, they cannot be closed according to our state laws. Neither can we have a lockdown – our laws do not allow it. It is a democratic right to be free. I do wish we could have closed the borders though.

      • I am a bit surprised that there is no emergency provision to close the borders in extreme circumstances but I have heard about the Swedish right of movement. It is interesting. What would happen with an invading army?
        And the situation with immigrants that were in the move in recent years. Was that Denmark that closed its borders to Sweden?

      • It is different in war – an invading army would not see open borders.Here they decided to let the immigrants in – don’t remember if Denmark closed the borders. After 2015, with all the immigrants, Sweden has not allowed so many to come. Now we have to take care of and help all those that came that year.

  8. Such wonderful images. Like you I struggle through the dark days of November and December, but when the sun shines on these short days it is pretty magical as your photos show. I love that butterfly quote too. I am going to print that out.

    • So glad you liked them – and I understand you have about the same darkness over there. Do you have the same saying as well? Nothing is more precious than the occational glimpse of sun in November/December! Magical, as you say. The little butterfly is so right – isn’t it…

  9. The sunlight shimmers so beautifully in these, Ann Christine. You have captured a few rays to see you through the months ahead. I always knew I could get as far as November, my birthday month, but after that…. It’s why Algarve living brings me so much joy. Wishing you many hours of sunshine in the coming weeks 🙂 🙂

  10. Love your post! Your images and words are perfect for the challenge. 🙂
    I understand that you miss the summer sun. For me it is a break when less sunny times come. I love the winter sun, although it is true that we can enjoy it for less time.

    • I can so understand you love the winter sun – so do I. I am not a fan of hot summer sun either. But, it would be nice with longer days in winter!

  11. I’m in Alaska this winter and dreading the dark, too. November is always the hardest month since there’s less snow to reflect the light. Lovely post, Anne-Christine. I love the quotes, especially the butterfly quote. I’ll be feeling that one come February when I’m missing the spring bloom!

    • You are still in Alaska, this beautiful place on earth – but dark now in November too. Happy to have shared my post with you and glad you love the butterfly quote! Wishing you sunny days for Christmas too.

  12. Lovely gallery, A-C. Love Al Stewart, too. 🙂 I would have a hard time with so much darkness, but I do love and miss winter. I, like you, try to be outside as much as possible because sunlight just makes me feel better. 🙂


    • Yes – sunlight is almost always welcome. Last year we had three hours of sunlight during the whole of November. I am hoping for a bit more this year.

  13. Absolutely beautiful photos, Leya! I did live in Southern Alaska for a few years. The winters take some getting used to. For us now in the Southwest US, this is the best time of year! The sunshine always brightens my spirits. I hope you continue to be able to enjoy some sunny daytime hours. 😊

  14. You have captured some amazing scenes here A-C with the golden light. I too dislike the winter months and the lack of sunlight; winter seems to be endlessly grey and damp. I relish every day when the sun shines, even if I do nothing more than look at the blue sky, but you are right, we need to make the most of the sunlight and get outside to enjoy it.

  15. I can understand that the long darkness woudl be hard to handle. I now live in Southern Ontario and I notice that the light is better here in the winter than it was when I lived in England. Getting outside in the daylight is a good cure for this you are right!

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