Thursday Thoughts – A Life’s Work

Söderto is a tiny place in the southern part of Skåne, Sweden, where Karl-Göran Persson built a fortress for himself, his family and friends – in case of an attack from Russia. Karl-Göran died in 1975, and he had spent his whole life building and reinforcing this fortress.

One day we decided to try and find it, all of us intrigued by the story. So this spring we went, the three of us. And it became a strange adventure, a day to remember. You can come along if you want to…

It is not a very big place, Söderto, and the remains of his own home nearby were gone.

Karl-Göran was a simple man, a single farmer, and well known in the neighborhood for his warm heart, for his building and for his transporting all material on his bicycle.

He even mastered setting rails and railroad ties into the fortress – all by himself. The thought was to build a balcony.

He used what he could find to reinforce his fortress, be it iron beds, chamber pots, baskets or bicycle parts. Look closely at the pictures, and maybe you will find them…

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

After so many years of withering down, it is not advised to go inside anymore. But…

there is a friendly silence, a loving atmosphere when you walk here… you can feel his spirit still being there – in his life’s work.

A soft whisper in the fields, and the beauty of the landscape touches your soul.

Thinking of him, Karl-Göran, I believe he would have loved it that we came all that way to visit. And how much we enjoyed it too.

Just see how beautifully the villagers keep his memory.



42 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – A Life’s Work

  1. What a lovely story and your photos are sublime. Those fields of rapeseed against the blue sky are incredible. I took similar photos (no interesting ruin though) recently.

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  3. How strange and beautiful is life? I remember the area from Viveka’s posts. Those fields of rapeseed make such a spectacular setting. Thank you so much for sharing this with me, Ann-Christine. Brian’s a good soul, isn’t he? And your photos are truly beautiful. That rusty shot is a spellbinder! 🙂 🙂

  4. What a wonderful excursion. Karl’s fortress was ready even for Armageddon! I hope he had time just to enjoy himself sometimes without worrying about the Russians. 🙂

    • I think that is a very relevant comment – it would have been great to talk to him in person. A very interesting man. But of course WWII must have made an impact…

  5. Such a lovely post and beautiful pictures. I do believe you can feel a person’s energy in a place like this. They leave so much behind! Thanks for sharing it with us

  6. Oh wow I did see all sorts of things in the walls. How amazing is that!! They seem to have stood the test of time so I think he did a good job fortifying it. Amazing how he got the railroad steel up so high. I love the field flowers they are so beautiful. I’ve never seen them before! Beautiful post Leya…and beautiful memories for sure! ❤

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