Thursday Thoughts – Icelandic Waters

Lava, volcanic activity, water and horses. Four words that to me describe Iceland best. In colours, this means a country of mainly black, blue and green.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite waters. Hopefully they will give you a sense of the significant shades of this island – seen through My eyes.

Blue Lagoon

Water – Blue Lagoon.  – Green, I would say…This hot water pool is a must when you visit Iceland. Its water and white clay work healing effects on your skin.

South coast

Water landscape, South coast – maybe the Iceland I find most intriguing of all. The land I see when I read about the hero Gunnar, in Njáls Saga.


Seljalandsfoss, South coast. Many years ago, on our first visit, I fell in love with this waterfall – the most beautiful of them all. It is still my favorite.


Krýsuvík hot springs area, southern Iceland. Do not immerse any part of your body in this water – after some minutes it might not belong to you anymore…

The serenity of this land is exceptional. Yet we know how violent nature can treat it. But, maybe that knowledge is part of the infatuation – because I, and so many others,  will return here again, and again.

This is the land of old Sagas and the strong Vikings. Rough, wild and untamed – but the Iceland of today, offers the fresh air and freedom you have been longing for…feeling the wind in your face and your mind open up to the elements.


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