Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #76 – On Display

What’s “On Display” this week for Amy’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #76?  I know many of you have smashing Christmas displays, so I will not even try… My choices are from daily life, what I like to do and to see. But, In the header I just had to be a bit ”Christmassy” – if you look closely,  I am on display in every single bulb….

Books have always been a big part of my life, and this is just a tiny fragment of the gigantic pillar of books I found in a shop – it went from floor to ceiling. I would guess maybe 4 meters high.

From a dusty market in Tibet – Yak bells! Christmas is coming… Our horses used to have bells when they were pulling the winter sleigh to church. When my mother was a child.

Chilies and peppers – a daily ingredient in my cooking. A great display is always crucial if you want to sell. This one would make me buy more than I could use…

Many of us love to walk the markets in foreign countries. I love seeing the farmers come to town to sell their products. Some of them only have a small garden, but they work hard to produce vegetables, fruits and berries to make a living.

This lovely old lady was pleased at my attention, but only body language was possible. There was a story, somewhere, I know. But we exchanged smiles, and I felt she still had a good life.


We hope you join us this week for Amy’s fun “On Display” challenge.  Just add her link to your post. (Links from the Reader are not working correctly.) Use the Lens-Artists tag to help us find you.

As always, Patti, Amy, Tina and I thank you for your continued support of our photo challenge!


73 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #76 – On Display

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  2. Such a beautiful variety of displays. Those books! Wow. I wonder what happens if someone takes a book out in the middle! And the bells – unusual to see like that (well, for me anyway). Have a lovely holiday – great tree of bulbs at the top 🙂

    • Thank you so much – I am back from a great holiday, but caught the flu the last day…Hopefully over until Christmas. Yes – the books – a wow – and I don’t think you can pull one out because of the pressure from all. But I love to wonder as well…

  3. A beautiful and colorful collection, A-C. The bells, the market items, the woman selling her wares. I’d definitely buy those peppers, too. They look marvelous. And I like your selfie X 50!!

    • Well…about that selfie – fun because I am seldom the star! Towards Christmas I am always humbled, even more feeling for all those in poverty and all those who are satisfied with only little. But I have seen so much content, happiness and joy in poor countries. Smiles we never get in our rich part of the world. In fact it is they who are rich – not us. We stopped buying Christmas presents long ago – one or two little things, (specially chosen of course!) is enough.
      Second hand is a good choice. And those peppers! I guess it would be a bit different if I had grandchildren…

      • I had the same feeling in Fiji. The people truly are happy. We have a lot to learn from them, I think. We celebrate Hannukah, but it’s gotten much more commercial. It’s really just for kids–which I think is more reasonable. The spending can get so out of hand. I like your idea of 1 or 2 little things. Great idea.

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  5. Ann-Christine, your choices are eye-catching and delightful. I’d have to take photos of those things too if I saw them. Excellent frames you created for each one. You’re right, that woman does look like she’s lived a full life – her shirt almost looks like it has the same squiggle design that the wall has.

  6. Yeah – I wonder the gardener’s story too – but nice to have a small encounter and just share human to human connection!
    And loved the bulbs and all the reflections – hahah! Great shot and Merry Christmas Leya

    • Ha, yes, I could hardly believe my eyes – just thinking how much time went into building that pillar…And the Yak bells were gorgeous – there was a whole street with only decorations for their Yaks. Mostly in red!

  7. What a star you are! Shining brightly at us from all those baubles 🙂 🙂 And those must be the most vivid chillies I ever saw. Wishing you all you wish yourself, Ann Christine! Peace, joy, harmony… a better world, but we are so privileged to be able to share this one.

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