Six weeks ago everything was OK…


For Debbie and Six Word Saturday

42 reaktioner på ”Six weeks ago everything was OK…

  1. Hopefully in six weeks it will be again. We are taking it easy and doing what common sense dictates. I don’t understand the toilet paper panic. It’s a respiratory disease. Facial tissue would make more sense. That’s a wonderful birdscape. 🙂

  2. Here’s hoping that other governments have taken note of the good and bad steps taken in the countries most affected so that the spread of disease, and panic, can be brought under control now.

      • Of course you are right, but some things will have changed. Some family’s will have lost loved ones, and some will have experienced things like not being wanted back home if you have visited areas having the virus. On the news I have seen buses with returning ski-tourists being assaulted.

      • Of course, and unfortunately, what you say is true. There is a scale that goes from Pollyanna-like denial on one end to complete apathetic surrender on the other end. At some point in between there’s a recognition of the reality of a situation while still maintaining an optimistic viewpoint. It is that point on the scale that brings out the best in us. Fear brings out the absolute worst in people. The best way to combat it is to become accurately informed. Then we can make rational decisions.

      • So true, Michael. Accurate information, no disinformation or misinformation, no disbelief of the words of our scientists. I must admit I do not trust certain regimes in certain countries – they withhold the truth for their own dark benefits. Mostly for power. Often I cannot understand their motifs at all. The spreading of Corona is one of those strange areas. There are countries that do not reveal the extent of spreading and even say they have almost no cases at all. To what good is that? We are all in the same boat. We must help and stand by each other to master these challenges. These are times to stand up for each other and follow the rules written in our DNA – not let each other down. Rational decisions needed. And – listen to what Mother Earth is trying to convey! Stay well, dear Michael. Your images are among those who work best to soothe and comfort our unruly minds. ♥

      • These essentials will not change, I hope, but some of us will have lost loved ones. And some people might have experienced traumatic things like not being wanted back in if you have visited a contaminated area. I saw a bus with tourists back from a ski-resort in Austria – people threw things at the bus. I wonder how the younger children inside felt.

    • True, Michael. Avoiding panic is essential. Fortunately the Swedish authorities are good at handling this. No panic here. There are examples of that elsewhere. But it is easy for the western world where the risks are not too tough.

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