Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #111 – Everyday Objects

”For this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #111, we’re taking a fresh look at ordinary, everyday objects–things that you see and use in your daily life.”

Patti is our host for the challenge, and we are looking forward to seeing your creative response!

My start is the old silver box from my husband’s mother. I haven’t changed its position for the image, but, inspired by Patti, I put my garnets there, to pick up the colours of the faded rose. In the header it stands in late evening light – here in ordinary daylight. Quite a change – light and the photographer’s position sets the mood.

If you read my blog now and then, you know I have two real dogs, but also some other dogs and cats, hiding among my house plants…

These are my two favourites – both left to me by Anita, a beloved friend who passed away some years ago.

They are hiding in different places depending on what plants I have for them. The lovely blue cat was one of Anita’s special favourites – and yesterday she was hiding behind a Medinilla Magnifica. I think she loved it!

Finally, my scary friends in the blue box – always hiding – seemingly frightened – put there and painted by Lena, a very good friend of mine. Can you see just how scared they are? I even helped them look a bit shaky…

A special thanks to Tina for hosting last week’s Creativity in the Time of Covid challenge.  A great theme, that really showed us many creative ideas on how to cope with and manage these difficult times.  I think we all learned something new and picked up more tricks to stay creative throughout! Well done All of us – together we will meet the future, stronger!

Next challenge, #112, I (Ann-Christine/Leya) will be your host. Stay creative and stay well – and be kind, also to yourself.

72 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #111 – Everyday Objects

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  2. Wow – yes, the light really changes the mood and presentation of the silver box photo(s). Finding the right light can be the biggest challenge and make all the difference. I enjoyed the hidden pets – including the scared ones too! 🙂

    • Thank you, John – I am glad, because I hardly look at that beautiful box, I pass it several times a day…That is just one reason to why this challenge is a good one! New eyes!

  3. I love your silver box with the garnet necklace. It’s so elegant, it hardly looks every day. How wonderful to have the sweet presents from your friend Anita. I especially love the blue cat. Have a wonderful week, A.C. 🙂

    • Thank you for popping in, Marsha! The silver box is indeed an heirloom, but it is standing there every day, mostly unnoticed. What is not everyday is the necklace, because it is hidden in a locker and never used. I thought it would look nice on the box…I have given it to my daughter once – when she left high school. But I keep it here until she has graduated from uni.

  4. I am so glad you included some of your animal friends amidst your beautiful plants! Wonderful. And your garnets and the gorgeous silver box. Wow! Beautiful, A-C! I really enjoyed your collection. I hope you have a peaceful and happy week.

  5. I remember you talking about your friend and the things she gave you. I love that scary blue box image … really lovely, but also a humorous take on the everyday objects.

  6. Really like your creative take on the scary friends shot…they do look afraid as you said. But I don’t think they are scary 😂 Wonder what they are afraid of. Happy weekend, and have a good week ahead, Leya.

  7. Lovely choices Ann-Christine. Your husband’s mother’s box image is just so lovely! And I love that you treasure your friend’s dog gifts. I’m sure they love your flowers!

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