Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 114 – Negative Space

This week, Amy is our host, and she wants us to show the importance of negative space in our photography. Negative space is the area around the main subject of your photograph. (Which means that your main subject is the positive space) Check out her post, see brilliant examples and learn more about this!

Positive and negative space are two important tools for us to give an enhanced emotional feel to our images, which is essential in photography. Looking forward to seeing your choices!

Negative space is there to give your photos a sense of calmness
…and subtlety.
Well used, negative space provides a natural balance against the positive space in a scene.
But, images can also appear lonely
..or solemn (or funny…)
Most of all, I would say negative space often gives a contemplative beauty to the image, a unique possibility for us to declutter, relax and recover in this jumbled and unruly world.

Our special thanks to Rusha Sams for hosting last week’s Labor of Love. We had so many positive and uplifting experiences of genuine love and care!

Be sure to check out Tina’s Travels and Trifles post next week as she hosts Challenge #115.

And, as always – may you stay safe and well. Our thoughts these days go especially to all of you out there fighting the wild fires.

92 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 114 – Negative Space

  1. Your negative space images are simply wonderful, Ann-Christine, one of the best I have seen. Love the compositions, the muted colours and the calming effect of the coastal scenes. Hope you’re well, my dear. 💕

    • Thank you, Dina, your comments mean the world to me.

      My mother unexpectedly passed away last week, and we were in shock all. It is just starting to calm down, and I want to think this was a blessing for her. She did not have to suffer in the end. Her heart gave in, and it took only some hours – we managed to come in and sit with her. Two people were allowed there. As she suffered from Alzheimers, but still lived in her home thanks to her husband and me, we are grateful she did not have to end up in a home for elderly these days of corona.
      Hope you are all well in Cley. Sending my warmest thoughts.

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  3. Stunning photographs this week, Leya. I adore the peacefulness of the first photo.
    The blue is beautiful. The kitty made ms smile. I have two fur children so I adore kitties.
    The bird perched at the edge of the roof is a fantastic capture. Have a wonderful week … Be Safe
    Isadora 😎

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  5. Your opening photo with the plane could almost be a painting, loved it! Also fantastic examples but the one with the myna gave me strong ‘home vibes’, the bird and the background reminded me so much of my Himalayan state. 😊

    • Thank you – yes, that plane really gave me a minor shock, turning up just above the snow, and the lonely tree so close. The myna gives me lovely remembering vibes too from our visit in Bhutan. Extraordinary landscapes and wonderfully sweet people. May I ask what is your Himalayan state? I have always loved the Himalayas. Looking that way on all my visits to India, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan.

  6. Exquisite examples Ann-Christine, clearly this is a concept you’ve mastered. I loved them all but your opener and the sepia shot of loneliness are really outstanding. I thought your description of the impact of negative space was also spot on.

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