Lens-Artists Challenge #120 – What a Treat!

Tina has got a marvelous treat for us this week! African wildlife in glorious images through her lens. So, now we are looking forward to seeing Your treats – be it candy, grandchildren’s visits, a splendid hike or…

One of my own biggest treats is a visit to Kew Gardens – I don’t go that often…maybe once every fifth year – and this year should have been a Kew year for me. But then came Covid-19.

Maybe the fact that something is not easily available is one of the reasons for making it a special treat?

I will let the images speak for themselves. And, I really long for a new visit … In the opener, a late night view from the plane back from London.

A microphone? Yes…listen to Mother Nature and do everything you can to help her!

If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.
― Masaru Emoto,

This week we are including what we hope is a treat for all of you! At the suggestion of one of our followers we are announcing NEXT week’s theme. Our host, Patti, will share “FOCUS ON THE SUBJECT” on her blog Pilotfish. Please let us know what you think – is it helpful to know the theme in advance or do you prefer to be surprised?

Finally, sincere thanks to all of you who participated in my Hideaway challenge last week. I am glad most of us have a special place where we can focus on Life and our inner thoughts. Mindfulness. As always we enjoyed your creativity and the glimpses you gave us of your own lives.

Whatever you choose to treat us with, please remember to link to Tina’s post, and to use the Lens-Artists TAG. Until then, have a lovely week and please remember to stay safe.

72 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Challenge #120 – What a Treat!

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  2. Lovely photos from Kew! I’m lucky that it’s just down the road from where I live but it’s a few years since I’ve been in the gardens. We’re planning to go for the Christmas lights this year – I’ll share some photos if we do 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing! I, myself, some years ago, finally gave up on ever being a ‘global’ traveler, but thanks to folks like you, I get to have a window into ‘experiencing’ other places, flora, fauna, cultures – :). That said, my overall fave line out of this that I LOVE! was ”A microphone? Yes…listen to Mother Nature and do everything you can to help her!” – no matter where one is at – I might add – She just does such a great job of showing the way, instructing, for those who choose to sit, see, hear, feel – overall – I think – just because, She frequently blesses me when I am ‘lazy’, and do the best I can given all ‘mankind how-toing’ starts of things, but then sit and wait to see if She says, ”good to go” OR ‘try again you still didn’t get it, did ya?” LOL

    • Love your thoughts, TamrahJo, and so glad we are in this community of sharing and discussing, reflecting and sharing again. And these days we have all given up on being travelers other than in cyberspace. Thank you, and stay well!

  4. Absolutely beautiful images, A-C. I especially love the candid shots inside the metal structure. People look so relaxed and peaceful. And your nature shots are always a treat. We went to Kew last year for the Chihuly exhibit at night, but I haven’t been there during the day. I can see why you want to go as often as you can. Hopefully, we can both go there next year?? I hope you are enjoying some time in your glass house!

    • Thank you, Patti! Yes – next year…And, my glass house is a treat in itself. Outside about 7-10 degrees, but in my glass house 23. We have our meals there (no lobster rolls, unfortunately…) and look at the autumn remnants of our garden flowers!

  5. knowing next week’s topic in advance would help taking part when in a hurry or so. You could also work a bit more carefully on it. But, I guess, it would take some of the excitement of the Saturday evening when knowing the topic in advance. So, I’d vote against it.
    A garden can be a treat. So, a great choice. But, I love especially the sunset image on the top. Btw. most of the other would also fit for “FOCUS ON THE SUBJECT” 😊

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  7. ooh la la Ann-Christine, what a glorious post! Your lens is magical when it focuses in on beautiful blooms like these. Kew is one of few famous gardens I’ve not visited. Now I have to add it to my ever-growing list! Thanks for the joy these images and quotes brought to my day.

  8. Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you Ann Christine! I love Kew Gardens and have visited it many times. Our son lives in London so we usually go to see him twice a year and always get in a visit to Kew. Sadly due to Covid we cannot go now and I have no idea when we will go again so I very much appreciate you sharing these photos of Kew!

    • Glad to have sent this treat, Anne! How great having a son living in London! If I had…I would have visited as often as possible – love London and the possibilities close by. Hampstead Heath and Highgate Cemetary are two more places I love. It might sound strange with cemetaries, but I love the peacefulness and beauty of them. Wherever i am abroad, I always walk in at least one of them.

  9. Oh WOW, these are gorgeous photos. I didn’t make it to our water gardens this year either. It’s been a few years for me too. 😀 It was sure joy scrolling through your gallery.

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