Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #127 Precious Moments

Amy is hosting this week, and she says: ”This week, as we are approaching the end of 2020, let us share some of the precious moments we have had, before or during the pandemic.”

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? – Mary Oliver

So, my images are all from before the pandemic – when planning was possible.

Vielha, Spain

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. – Marcus Aurelius

Sunrise, Fryksås, Orsa Lake, Dalarna

Frosty morning, Hovdala meadows

The most precious resource we have is time. – Adam Neumann


Life is short, and every moment is precious. – Gad Saad

Sand sculptures, Denmark

Levada hiking, Madeira

My favourite class graduating (Immediate connection and some of them are still in contact with me)

Stray dog and friend, Georgia

Christmas market, Skåne

We invite you to share your own precious moments, from traveling, holidays or with family and friends. Include a link to Amy’s post here and use the lens-Artists tag so that everyone can find your post in the WP Reader. We look forward to seeing your creative work.

Special thanks to Patti for her inspirational “Subjects That Begin with the Letter A.” Marvelous!

Finally – stay tuned for December 19, when I, Leya, will be your host. Until then, be safe and well.

54 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #127 Precious Moments

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    • Glad you like it, Ana – these holidays will not mean more people or less people than usual for us – but no hugs and kisses… Thinking of those who are totally alone. So sad.

  2. Love this challenge. It is truly about memories, and a post by another blogger brought a tear to my eyes with his photos of his precious pet that looks so much like our own who passed many years ago now.
    My favorites of your shoot include the girl and the horse, and the beautiful sunrise.

  3. Love these precious moments, especially the Frosty morning in Hovdala meadows. Then I will see you on the 19th which maybe will my final post for this year. I need to have a bit of a break. Have a good day Ann-Christine.

  4. hi a. c., an interesting selection, the first three have a special aura for me in the first the reading, in the second the light and in the third the haze. again a great choice.
    many greetings robert

  5. Precious photos and moments, AC! The sunset is breathtaking. I love the birthday and your favorite class graduating images especially; these two are very special.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  6. Love every one of these Ann-Christine but the boy and his dog is wonderfully evocative. If you asked 20 people to write a paragraph about it, they would all be different. Your first and second images are absolutely marvelous. I’d frame them if it were me 😊

    • You are very kind and supportive – as always, Tina. In fact I don’t have any of my photos framed or on my wall… I have always found it difficult to think I am good enough. And the boy and the dog – I do love that one. He answered so sweetly too when I asked for a photo. Only lovely and gentle people in Georgia! And you are right – had I still been teaching, that would have been a portrait to use for the writing classes. ♥ Wishing you a delightful week with sun and soft winds.

  7. Beautiful images and moments Ann-Christine, it’s so lovely to see the stray dog and his friend again too 💛

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