Thursday Thoughts – Real Winter!

For a couple of days now, real winter is on visit…and I cannot say how happy I am. I will let you wander around in my neighbourhood to hopefully enjoy the white serenity. Last year we had no snow at all, and it is exactly ten years since we got this much.

Sheer Happiness! And the children are out everywhere skiing and building snowmen. So Grateful, so Thankful.

First view in the morning – my garden
Second view – the Spindle
Out walking the dogs
On our way home again

43 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Real Winter!

  1. Oh so glorious Ann-Christine – hence the term ”winter wonderland” 😊. The worst part of beautiful snow when we lived in the the northeastern US was coming down from our pristine mountain view into the roadways that took me to work. It looks to me like you get to stay comfortably ensconced in your beautiful pristine location for as long as it lasts. Absolutely loved these images – every one of them. The red berries really are spectacular tho. Enjoy your lovely, calm world !

    • Thank you, Tina – pristine it is. Just the way my childhood winters are remembered. I have really enjoyed all this, but tomorrow the temperature will rise and the snow will start melting. Grateful for the last week!

  2. A colourful reminder of what winter ‘should’ be like. We have had only a damp flash of snow that washed away just as quickly as it landed. Mainly it is just dark damp days (even when it isn’t raining its damp)) often with a clinging mist or fog,,,,, and its cold, the sort of cold that creeps into the bones (or maybe I am just getting old!) 🙂

    • Ypu are not getting old…That dampness and cold is the usual setting here as well. It will start raining tomorrow night they say. Grateful for what we got.

  3. That isone beautiful winter wonderland in your neighborhood. Thank God we have snow at least in this Pandemic times.Snow is something that we are grateful as well. Great snaps by the way..

  4. Beautiful photos! And yes, though I don’t like shoveling every day, just to get to work or take the trash out, it’s been quite a few overall ‘dry winters’ here, too and well – miss the moisture and miss the ‘days’ Mother Nature used to put into the calendar that urged, ”Slow down, enjoy the clean, sparkle show!’ – -The world is so quiet when heavy snow falls – – – it’s as if the entire world is bathed in silence and beauty….

  5. It’s been above freezing for the past 36 hours and what little snow we had is thawing. We’ve been averaging 7 or 8 degrees Celsius above normal for this time of year for nearly two weeks now.

  6. Absolutely glorious photos – so hope that you enjoy ! Can but smile keyboarding this Down Under where local temperatures reached 39 C yesterday and are supposed to keep us warm again today . . . . different sides of the same world . . .

  7. Here in PA, the good ole’ USA, we get snow like that but it’s not often. When it does the snow makes everything take on a different look. Nice Images of where you are.

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