Lens-Artists Challenge #166 – Artificial Light

Some of us are living in the Northern Hemisphere, and we will soon be in need of more artificial light as we are moving away from the sun. Artificial light means man made light, but, I also learned something new – that candles do not count as artificial light.

So, how do we use artificial light? Simply because we need it to see, to do what we need to or want to do?

No, today we also use it for fun – for example in fireworks and for Halloween.

We use moving light too – here on the houses’ facades at the Lodz Light Move Festival.

And moving light – is always used in concerts. In fact I am so old, that I remember when the laser harp was made popular by Jean-Michel Jarre.

Artificial light can be used in so many art forms – this is an art walk at ARoS, Aarhus Kunstmuseum in Denmark.

Painting on Ipad instantly became a new art when the Ipad arrived some years ago – here a David Hockney at the Louisiana exhibition in Denmark.

We need light, artificial light – but, do we really need as much of it as we use? The costs can be high. The results are in many cases negative for nature and with that, also for ourselves. Newborn sea turtles die when they cannot find their way to the sea, and head towards the light of motorways and towns close to the beach. And that is only one example of many.

For some time I watch the coming of the night? Above is the glistening galaxy of childhood, now hidden in the Western world by air pollution and the glare of artificial light; for my children’s children, the power, peace and healing of the night will be obliterated. Peter Matthiessen

Thank you to Patti for last week’s fun, Going Wide, which set our eyes wide open to the world!

For this week’s LAPC #166, we invite you to throw some artificial light on things! Please use the Lens Artists tag to help us find you, and we look forward to ”seeing the light”.

Next week Amy will be your host – until then, be well and kind.

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  29. These images are quite inspirational. So glad you chose this theme, because I realize now that I don’t have many photos that incorporate artificial light, but I love these you’ve shared. I’m drawn to the Halloween one the most, but all are superb. Will get busy and share an entry for this very interesting challenge.

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  32. A-C, what a magical gallery … stunning and exciting. My favorite is ARoS – now I want to go there too. Ages since I was in Aarhus and I wouldn’t mind doing Lodz again with you. Once again THANKS for the great day in Copenhagen, I checked up and on Tuesday the museum is free, so I think we should do a Christmas day trip to Denmark, the museum and stunning lights. Talk to you soon.

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  34. Hi Leya

    Such striking examples you’ve chosen for your challenge on Artificial Light. The first image presents a cozy reading nook – I am a big fan of cozy places to curl up and read. But that building illuminated for Halloween is something else! Wow such imaginative artistry.

    Here’s my offering for this week. It features a GBH of course, but also includes two full moons with artificial lights.

    Beautiful Great Blue Heron Breaks into Flight

    Best, Babsje

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  40. That quote about the peace and healing of the night was chilling!!

    So interesting about the candles not counting as artificial light 💡
    And would love to do that art walk

      • Yes! And reminds me of a little laugh we have at our house
        In 2008 – I bought a cool fire pit kind of thing – ceramic peach and ran with propane –
        It was from target

        Anyhow – a little neighbor boy (pre K) saw it from his window and every time he saw us that week said ”you got fire! Why you got fire?”
        And once in a while the hubs and I say it the same way he did

        I think it was a big deal for him to see it from his window – he is grown now and they have two fire pits – but that is our little fire phrase 🔥

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  53. A truly beautiful post Ann-Christine and a wonderful challenge. I especially loved your reader in the lamplight and the art walk image. Marvelous demonstration of your amazing eye and the skillset to capture what you see.

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  58. Beautiful selection of images for the challenge, Ann-Christine! I like the image capturing the art walk and would love to see something similar in real life. I am not sure that I concur that candles aren’t ”artificial light”, but I’ll accept that definition for the sake of this challenge. >grin< I am looking forward to sharing my artificial light images, and I'll refrain from real candles for lighting… but not necessarily those "new-fangled" LED candles.

    • Aha…thank you, John! That museum was innovative and creative in every nook. And I try to understand the thing about candles as…fire is not necessarily manmade?

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  63. These photos are simply glorious showing such varying facades of manmade lighti8ng from the everyday comfortable retro to the David Hockney . . At the moment, in the second week of spring, I am so glad to wake after 5 am to sun peeping thru’ the blinds and know it will be so until April next year . . . love it bright and strong and natural . . . no problems going right back to sleep 🙂 !!.

  64. The art walk is wonderful. Living where I do there is no artificial light (except within the houses) so I love looking at the starry sky. Sadly most of Europe seems to be covered in artificial light.

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  72. Artificial – adjective, made by human skill; produced by humans.
    Light – noun, something that makes things visible or affords illumination.

    Those definitions from dictionary.com should spark (light?) our creativity for this week’s challenge!

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