Thursday Thoughts – Happy Children!

What is it with children and trees?

Children and roofs?
Children and sticks?

Children and building tree houses? And climbing and running?

Well, I guess we have all ”been there”. At least my own children have, and they would have loved this outdoors exhibition made for playing. Big or small. Old and young. We had a great day!

23 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Happy Children!

  1. The opening picture was astonishing. Took me a while to figure what I was seeing and then just gave up. Reminded me of the living root bridge of Meghalaya for a second. I guess this is the same as ‘children and sticks’? Simply amazing! I can see why there is a queue.

  2. Unfortunately, when parents see me taking photos at a playground they automatically assume I’m some kind of freak or child predator. Therefore I’ve stopped taking photos of any children unless they’re related to me or my family.

    • I am afraid it is like that here as well. No parents around these ones, and the children were quite a distance away – so…I managed. With parents around I sometimes ask them, but I seldom take photos of children as I have had the same experiences as you have. It is very sad, because children make us warm inside, smile more and feel their joy for life. When I traveled far away to distant countries, it was much easier. Both parents and children smile more!

    • I must agree with you on that. And I am happy that my children were teenagers when the real boom of electronic devices rolled in. They remember what life was before this, and we were very clear about living some weeks now and then – without TV, radio, or any other electronic device. And they still love that, even as grown-ups.

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