Lens-Artists Challenge #185 – Change

Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace.

– Albert Schweitzer

This week, we’re delighted to welcome John Steiner as a new member of our Lens-Artists team. For his topic, he asks us an interesting question: What does change mean to you? John has some clever answers worth visiting!

The opener shows the change we all are waiting for now – at least here in the northern hemisphere. But it will not arrive for another two months…

Change is inevitable, and I believe Charles Darwin says it best: ”It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who will best manage change.” But survival comes at a hard cost too. I have chosen changes from my own life. A mixed bag of joy and sorrow – Life is.

I love photography, even though it sometimes has to rest for a while – now much due to covid times… This photo is from a dam close by, always an autumn hiking treat. With different possibilities in computer programs, you can play around and get almost any change you want. Photosketcher used here. It is nice when you are in control yourself, isn’t it?

My hiking interest is huge – I have to visit the forest every day for dogwalks and fresh air that will keep me breathing and happy. Some favourite paths are gone, but other areas have become new favourites, and new trees will be planted where the old ones once stood.

In the autumn 2020 we finally decided for a glass house. The old stump from the big birch tree had to go – and make room for so many other plants. I have never regretted building the glass house, because all my special plants will easier survive winter. (And you might get some nice pictures of them too…)

Lastly, some changes are not wished for at all, but belongs to our closest circle of life. I lost my dear mother in 2020, and I lost sweet Totti. Little Milo has now grown up to be my handsome number 1 companion.

Many thanks to Amy for her ”Travels Have Taught Me” challenge, where we learned a great deal from your travel lessons! Next week, we’ll be looking forward to Sofia Alves’ challenge topic. Be sure to visit her beautiful blog!

62 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Challenge #185 – Change

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  2. Ann Christine, you have chosen such beautiful pictures and examples of change! Hard to pick a favorite. I really like how you made your photography of the trees and water near the dam into such a lovely picture!

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  4. A beautiful collection, AC. Your photos are stunning. The contrasts you highlight are a great way of reminding us that change is always present and we should adjust to it as gracefully as we can. I think Darwin is right about that, too! Missing loved ones is the hardest part of change. I definitely agree. Enjoy your walks in the woods this week!

  5. You’ve chosen such great photos, Ann Christine. Hopefully you will be able to watch a new forest grow with your grandchildren. I always remember one particular photo of your mum.
    I don’t know why dogs can’t live as long as us. It seems so unfair.

    • Unfair is Life, almost always. I wonder which photo of my mother you rememder, Tracy. I orten think of her. And I hope to be a grandmother this May..I am glad you liked my photos. Hope all is well with you ❤

  6. My deepest condolences to you, Ann-Christine, on the passing of your dear Mother and your beloved Totti.
    May your sorrow be a light one. 🙏🏻
    Your photographs are joyful to look at. I adore your glass house and garden area. It looks like the perfect spot
    to relax on a sunny afternoon. Oddly, my hubby and I were talking about a glass house for my orchids. There have been
    a few very cold nights for them. I have two with frost bite on their leaves. Isn’t gardening a peaceful activity?
    Great selections for the challenge.
    Isadora 😎

  7. Your new glass house will bring you lots of time for reflection even in the color months. I know your mom continues to watch down on you with the grandest smile. I wonder is little Milo is welcome in there or if it is off limits?

    Always a pleasure to see your beautiful reflections here. Donna

  8. Hi Ann-Christine, I am 100% positive I commented on this before but I don’t see anything SO…what I thought I said was how much I enjoyed your interpretation. Life is filled with all kinds of moments, good and bad. Hopefully the bad moments fade as memories of good moments remain. Loved your little purple flower ignoring the freshly-fallen snow, and your beautiful landscapes, both edited and natural. I’m sure little is a wonderful companion for walking through those beautiful woods!

  9. You’re right, Ann-Christine. Change is inevitable. I lost my sister in January 2019. My other sister gained two daughter-in-laws, my daughter had a baby girl (my younger granddaughter) was born in 2020.
    Your little Milo is precious. He is happy that you takes care of him. 🐕😍

  10. I would love to join you on that forest walk – and what a beautiful picture that is! And, of course, I would expect the adorable Milo to accompany us. Walking in nature is a great solace after the loss of a loved one. I found it so, even though I often used to return with tear-stained cheeks from my walks, but I know they did me good. I hope you will continue to think positive as spring arrives and then gives way to summer and that you manage to take some interesting walks and see the changes all around you.

  11. Beautiful as always, AC! Lovely blue flower covered by snow. Light rays through the woods, what a stunning photo. So wonderful to see your glass house through your lens. 🙂
    Ooh, the Little Milo is so sweet. >3

  12. Beautiful post, and so personal. Sometimes change is hard, yet it is the primary principle of the circle of life.
    Your opening photo is beautiful and takes the realism of the photo to an artist’s imagination. I’ll have to look into that software. It does a wonderful job.

  13. That’s some post Ann-Christine! Change is not always easy, unless is the change we’re hoping for. I love your photos that illustrate so well your thoughts. There’s some melancholy that I hope will melt away with Spring coming.

  14. Beautiful Beautiful! …and I am in agreement with you-I need my daily walks to help both physically and mentally. It has now become a necessity! And don’t we love our pets? Such therapy for the hard times ❤

  15. Yes, change is inevitable and we are programmed to deal with the losses we experience. I still miss my darling mom so much. I love your photography and your choice of quotes. Your glass house must be such a joy to have.

  16. I love the Darwin quote! And your photos are lovely. I’m glad you have Milo to keep you company on those forest trails. Change is inevitable so we must embrace it and it looks like that is what you are doing Ann Christine!

  17. A beautiful post Ann-Christine. I know some of your changes this past year were so painful and yet you carried on recovering day by day with little Milo by your side. I’m sure your daily walks were restorative as was your love of nature, your family, and of course your wonderful new glass house. Some years we just have to get from one day to the next, others seem to fly by. We never know do we. I suppose that explains the phrase ”live every day” – as I know you do. Loved your path in the woods and of course little Milo.

  18. You handle change better than many. Always with compassion and an eye for beauty, Ann-Christine. I am sorry for your losses this year. 2 months till Spring???? Did I tell you I could never be Swedish? Laughing….

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