Thursday Thoughts – Sitting

Today I came across this picture, which is a much treasured one, because the bench and the roses are no more. In the header you will find the most relaxing place I have ever been to – the Amazon. Sitting in one of those hammocks, listening to the sounds of the djungle…I have never felt or slept better in my entire life. I brought home some of those sounds.

I kept searching for places where I have much liked to sit down and contemplate life and the beauty around us. The lovely bench with a rose garden, was in Ronneby, our summer town. We went there at least once every year, but now the mansion is sold and the garden is down.
In another file I found this colourful tent from a park in Madrid, and I know I visited it at least twice with my students. A very colourful and harmonious place.

In 2016 we traveled in Spain and followed parts of the Camino. This friendly hostel along the road had a wonderful man in charge – with his Alsatian as a trusted companion. I can still feel the silence in that yard.

A cafe’ in Lodz, Poland, became a favourite I visited several times. I must love colours…and harmony…but who doesn’t?

My most loved place to sit is of course in nature, but the next best thing was on the stone steps to my grandmother’s house. But they are no more. So, stone steps it is, now at our summer house. I love sitting there, on the sun warm steps, mornings, evenings, – yes, any time of the day. Watching the sunset, the terns diving and the swallows sweeping over the sea for some late evening food.

30 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Sitting

  1. I can feel the tranquility in those pictures and something of it even seeps out towards me. The top photo with the white bench and the roses is the one I fell in love with – what a lovely spot. And that dog, what a lovely expression you captured in the eyes.

    • Thank you, Manja – maybe we will meet up in Madrid some day!
      The handsome Alsatian was a lovely lady! The breed is not close to my heart, but she was a star!

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