Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #84 – Narrow

Future? Now, let’s see what will happen this week! Amy has chosen Narrow as our theme. She says:

Travel has taught me that once we go through a narrow path, alley, and/or road with a little patience, at the end it always opens up to pleasant surprises.

Of course I agree – in urban areas: a narrow street where you have to look far up to see the sun; steep, dark stairs ending in a light blue door, and the very old streets of Tbilisi.

My own love for things narrow, is a winding path – and preferably one of which I don’t know the end…

But, to me they all are inviting. Though every narrow shell does not hold a pearl – at least not one like my daughter!

Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.

– Henry David Thoreau


Finally, Thank you for all your creative answers to last week’s challenge, Future, fantastic reading and images, both hopeful and sad. Just the way Life is. ♥

Stay tuned for the last February challenges:

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As always, we are all looking forward to seeing your creative responses to the challenge –  and thank you for your support!



70 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #84 – Narrow

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  3. These are lovely photos, Ann-Christine. Your narrow city street photos remind me of the old cobblestone alleys in historic areas of Philadelphia my dad would take us to for Sunday walks when I was a youngster. There are no places quite like that here in Portland, OR.

  4. Hi Leia
    Your daughter truly is a pearl in that shell of rock.m
    And while all of your photos of the streets and buildings are great exemplars of ‘narrow’, I agree with you about the photo of the narrow, winding path. My eyes are drawn forward, looking into the distance and wondering where it leads. I aLso notice that in the foreground, the right-hand side has green growth, perhaps moss perhaps grass, that the left-hand side lacks. That makes me wonder what your path looks like in spring, when the trees have new-growth leaves, and in the fall in rich autumn colors.
    Here’s my submission for this week:


    Best, Babsje

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  6. Gorgeous shots, A-C. I love that beautiful path through the woods, and your daughter who is the ”pearl” in the ”oyster!” Wonderfully creative, A-C. And of course you included Tbilisi. 🙂

  7. This is so beautiful. Most pictures of Georgia are the countryside meadows and monasteries. Your photos of urban regions add a layer of beauty. This reminds me of New Orleans. I am putting Georgia on my list to must-travel.

    • Thank you for an interesting comment! I did not realize that was the case of the reports from Georgia. The countryside is gorgeous, but we stayed most of our days in Tbilisi, and found it very interesting. Architecture is a big interest, and there was much beauty heading for disaster. They tear down the old masterpieces and what is left is too heavily restored. I guess within 10 years not much will be left of the old charm.

      • Yes, Sylvia, that path was found by mistake – the GPS led me there and there was a closed bridge ahead. I left the car and followed the path because it looked intriguing.

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