Lens-Artists Challenge #186 – Low-Light

This week we welcome Sofia and her delightful theme ”Low-Light”. Sofia says: ”For me, any circumstance where there is less light than the normal daytime is low-light as it requires different settings to take a good photo.”

I have chosen some of my all time favourites. In the header though, a new image from our recent visit to an old health resort, Lundsbrunn. It shows one of the great photo opportunities with low-light – long shadows.

A late evening walk at our summer house can be magical – in the right light.

On the west coast of Spain, just before sunset, I had one of my most magical low-light moments. I had to do some post processing in Lightroom and Photoshop to bring out the structures from the dark cliffs.

My cactus flowers are about 20-25 cm and the flower lasts only for about an hour, night time. They were photographed with my cell phone, and I used a small flash light to make it all possible. I knew when the flower would start to unfold, and by then I must have tried out how to use the light.

Sitting in a canoe, in the Amazon, I faced great difficulties because of the thick darkness. I was not happy about many of those night photos, but some of them managed to catch the magic –

– at least for me to remember the adventure by. I can still hear the sounds and the silence…just by looking at the images. So, don’t be afraid of blurred images – they too have a story to tell!

Of course I have to have something from Iceland here too. Iceland is all about the light. This image is from the south coast, a late winter evening – and the roaring sea. Velvety browns and the black sand beach showing off its diamonds.

Lastly, I will give you a glimpse of our Swedish watercolour master, Lars Lerin. The light in his paintings is incredible. Many of his paintings are from places in low light, Lofoten in winter for example. I believe we can learn not only from other photographers, but also from our painters, artists, how they picture light, and light when there is almost none.

This week we are inviting you to share your experiences with Low-Light photography. Do you have any special tricks to share? Please link your views to Sofia’s original post and use the Lens-Artists tag so we can find you.

Thanks also to John for last week’s Change challenge, and for your many creative and interesting responses. We look forward to seeing your Low Light images this week and to your joining us next week when Anne leads our challenge, be sure to visit her wonderful site.

69 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Challenge #186 – Low-Light

  1. I think this is one of your best posts, Ann-Christine. You really captured the beauty of the cactus flowers. I also liked the seaside rock formation. Spectacular!

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  3. Leya these are not only stunning photographs but amazing places you have visited. I’m in awe of your night-blooming flower photos and your trip on the Amazon. Every picture is fabulous in its own way. I bet you are a great storyteller. I found this quote for my post today and it fits you perfectly, ”Traveling leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller.” -Ian Battuta Have a wonderful week until a new story to two finds its way to the surface of your blog. 🙂

  4. I always look forward to seeing your interpretation of the weekly challenge. Like many accomplished photographers, you have mastered the style and seem to enjoy it. I can appreciate your patience with the cactus flowers, the subtle light is truly what brings it to light.

    I love the photos of you from your can . What a treasure to float along and more of a treasure to return home and see you did, indeed capture the quiet, and stillness of the water. Beautiful. Donna

  5. Brilliant set of images, Ann Christine! I liked the shadows in the Health Resort, the Iceland scene, but most of all your cactus flower! It was also good to see the way Lars Lerin captures light

  6. Great photos as always. I have difficulty enough taking photos from inside a boat even in daylight. So really thrilled with that photos from the Amazon. In spite of all the brilliant other photos to choose from, there is a clear stand out for me this week. Those cactus flowers are really out there; the lighting is absolutely brilliant.

  7. As always Ann-Christine you have included some amazing captures! I especially loved your header and your cactus flowers are stunning – hard to believe it was your cellphone!! Your closing image of the artist’s rendition is truly beautiful and you are so right about learning about light from others including painters. Beautiful post.

  8. Lady, you have excelled yourself! I was excited to walk on that beach with you, but then those flowers… the Icelandic swell… and Lars! What more can I ask? Hope you’re having a wonderful week.

  9. Your post was worth waiting for, Ann-Christine. You always seem to be able to capture a bit of magic in your photos and this time it was in the light. I can’t pick one, I love them all!

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