Thursday Thoughts – A Favourite Artist

After years of trying to get there, (Corona restriktions and more…) we finally reached Sandgrund gallery in Karlstad. The owner of this museum/gallery is our Nordic watercolour master, Lars Lerin. When I was young, I tried my hand on this difficult task – watercolour painting. It is not easy. When the Corona restriktions started in 2020, I decided to give my painting efforts another try. I had more time on my hand, and I entered a couple of courses. I was happy. I cannot say I am any good at this, but I love it.

I want you to visit Sandgrund with me, to meet this skilled artist – I hope you enjoy!

A sensitive loner, traveller, artist, painter, writer – in fact he has written and illustrated more than 50 books. Many of them about his travels around the world. In later years he has written several children’s books as well. One of his books, with his thoughts and philosophy on life and the importance of our healing nature, won him the August Prize in 2014.

Lerin always had a dream of living in Lofoten, by the sea. And in his thirties he moved there to live with a Norwegian artist for 13 years. At times he was relying on drugs for his deep anxiety, but managed to leave the destructive life behind. Now he is a free man – married and a father of two.

I loved this study on ice and reed – where he explores his skills of light and shadows, textures and colours.

Elsa and her 28 cats is a children’s book – but it can be read by any age. The book cover shows the splendour of a Swedish summer in Värmland, where he was born. Lerin often writes about people who are different, and stand up to it – just like Elsa, whom he met as a young boy. Can you find some of Elsa’s cats? I bet they were all happy and much loved.

Thank you for letting me introduce you to Lars Lerin, I hope you enjoyed the variety of his skills.

40 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – A Favourite Artist

  1. I love his style, AC. Beautiful watercolors. I think it’s wonderful that you’re doing more painting. ❤️😀. It’s so peaceful and relaxing and wonderfully creative.

    • Thank you, Patti – I am glad you like his style.His composition is always excellent. I wish I could paint like that! But, as you say – I value the relaxing in it. Like your writing?

    • Thank you, yes, they are birches – the most loved tree in Sweden I believe. His paintings show a loose painting of watercolour, which leaves room for your imagination and thoughts – I love that too.

  2. Thanks for your introduction to Lars Lerin, whom I hadn’t heard of. I found ”Lundsbrunn och Sandgrund” particularly appealing in its moodiness. (Eventually I figured out that Lundsbrunn is the name of a place.)

  3. Wow, those are very beautiful. I have always had a dream of being an artist. I’ve taken some art classes years ago. I’m sure I could have some decent creations if I keep it up (as a hobby). Maybe when I retire 😊 For now I’ll stick with my camera. He is very talented; I love these paintings.

  4. Loved this Ann-Christine; his work is fantastic! Exactly the kind of work that really speaks to me. I loved the ice and reed study especially, as well as the boats. Just marvelous.

    • So glad you liked this, Tina – and great that we liked his ice and reed story both of us. I love that he is very to the point and making thorough studies of what he is doing.

  5. This exhibition has really ‘talked’ to me and I shall ask Mr Google to take me to the Gallery – thank you so much for the introduction ! Water colours are not a popular medium in bold and colourful Australia but I know the work of many artists in my birth country of Estonia using the medium. Perhaps the lower lights and different nature of both there and in Sweden. Love the works you have shown . . . another name to remember also for if and when . . .

    • I know there are skilled watercolour painters in Estonia as well, yes. But I think you have a point there – nature and landscape up here are more suited to this special painting than for example Australian landscapes.

  6. Just yesterday evening we were watching a National Geographic on Lofoten. The images were breathtaking! You know I am no lover of ice and snow, but the scenery was awe inspiring. For anyone who has the talent, what a wealth of material. And Elsa looks to be in a very happy place.

  7. I would love to visit this gallery. Should I ever manage to get to Karlstad I shall know exactly where to go. Your images are brilliant – I know how difficult it is to photograph pictures in a gallery and I think you’ve done amazingly well.

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