Lens-Artists Challenge #189 – Odds and Ends

We are always curious, always inquisitive, always picking up odds and ends for our patchwork minds, since there is no knowing when and where they may fit into some corner.

Charles Dickens

Well, now Tina provided us with that corner, and here are my offerings…

This weekend we went to Gothenburg for a break as the weather these last few days have been bright and sunny. When walking home to our hotel after dinner, we found a door opener in the wall…but no door. I pressed it twice to see if there maybe was a secret door somewhere…but sadly, no. Maybe I would have needed some secret code. I don’t know why there was a cigarette on top of it either. But I love a good mystery now and then!
There is a crack in everything –
that’s how the light gets in

Leonard Cohen

This Cohen quote is one of my own favourites, and I loved it for this crack in a building in Lodz, Poland. It was the last warm rays of sun (October), and this beautiful Peacock butterfly used the light and the protecting walls of the crack to make it through another day.

A street market in Madrid, and one of my students spotted these – I had never seen anything like it before. Angelica just had to touch it to understand the structure.

I don’t remember how this happened, but I remember the feeling I had on turning around in the queue – I thought it was a real baby sticking out of that bag.

My opener/header is one of my absolute favourites – and I believe I found him too in Spain.

Last week we visited many special places when Karina was our Guest Host, and what wondrous places there were! This week is all about odds and ends and I’m looking forward to all the possibly also whimsical things you’ll show us. Make sure you link to Tina’s incredible post and also tag Lens-Artists so we can easily find you.

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52 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Challenge #189 – Odds and Ends

  1. Hi – that baby does look real
    and I could to see the opener because I am in the reader?
    also, the form-fitting underwear were new to me – and well – I guess because the ”full booty” is all the rage right now – these are like the push up bras??
    fun post

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  3. Hi Ann-Christine

    Excellent topic week, love it!

    Your Leonard Cohen quote definitely resonates – it is one of my own favorite lines, too. I love the mystery of the door opener in the wall, without a door, and the mysterious cigarette. I think that would make an excellent ”story starter!” Your Street Market in Madrid is fun and quirky. I happen to like fun and quirky!

    Apologies for  being tardy in commenting on your great post. Usually I’m more timely!

    Here’s my Lens Artists Odds and Ends topic offering.

    Beautiful Great Blue Herons… Role Reversal?


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  5. What a wonderful post, AC. Your shot of the butterfly is incredible. It’s an image that is lingering in my mind. The underwear…a good laugh! I did a double-take with the baby. And the door opener?? What can I say? Like you, I enjoy a good mystery, but I’m stumped. Maybe it’s a secret door to Harry Potter’s world??

  6. Wonderful selections, AC. The ”butt” panties, I don’t blame she want to feel it. 🙂 . The baby is so real! The butterfly, I love it.

  7. Love the Dickens quote . . . he has described how my mind works extremely well . . . and, I obviously have to slow the speed of my looking as I thought I saw some ordinary nice and probably economical bikinis for sale . . . extra padding > oh my ‘Maker’ made sure that came naturally 🙂 !!!

  8. Terrific finds Ann-Christine. In your header it looks like the horse is obeying the sign! The butterfly was an excellent find, and I really had a laugh over the ”butt” panties. I mean seriously, who the heck needs a BIGGER butt?! Wonderful post.

  9. A great gallery Ann-Christine. Of course I love the Peacock Butterfly but the baby in a bag made me look twice too, The bum enhancing knickers made me laugh with her hand on them 🙂 🙂

  10. These are all fun, Leya. I like your favorite and the butterfly especially, but the mystery of the missing door is cool and of course the baby’s cute. I’ve heard the Cohen quote before and it’s a good one, but I really liked the Dickens quote, maybe because my minds seems to work that way (and quite often my photography as well.)

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