LAPC #201 – Three of a Kind

Maybe you too have experienced that one single image sometimes doesn’t convey what you wanted to say with it? This week, I thought we all would have the possibility to show more than one side of the coin. With Three of a Kind, I want you to think about things related to your main photo – maybe a book, a flower, a room, a piece of art… Almost anything will fit in here – you could make your three images tell a story too! Simply put: Your post should have three separate images that are somehow related. (Another option is splitting one photo into three parts.)

There is a special word for this art of three – triptych. The shape may be seen in Christian Iconography and became a common conventional style for altar artworks in the Middle Ages, from the Gothic era forward, both in Europe and overseas.

Ever since I visited Museo del Prado in Madrid and saw Hieronymus Bosch’s triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights, I was hooked. Even if this technique works best for painting, the triptych has provided a new layer to visual art. Let’s give it a try in photography! And let’s make it simple – the images can stand like always, below one another. The Wish Tree images below do, but you can also use, for example, the WP gallery tool.

Yoko Ono’s Wish Trees at Wanås were flowering beautifully last Sunday

Most wishes dancing in the wind these unruly days, were for peace in Ukraine
and for peace on Earth –

Plato once said that human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge. But, it is a quote from Leonardo da Vinci that comes to mind when I walk among these beautiful wish trees…
There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see.

I wish those who do not see, were given the ability to see.

One evening last week I went to the little pond where the fiddlehead ferns grow. For contemplation and some peace of mind. Soon I was lost in a magical walk, to the tunes of the nightingale. I hope you can hear him sing, despite the soundless images! Just like the ferns, he was playing hide and seek with me behind the trees. I never wanted this moment to end.

The Pond

I tried to stay with the shape of a real triptych, but found the mosaic gallery to be the best tool for my images. I kept my main image to the left in each set.

As I was cleaning these old vases, memories of grandmother made me think of using them too for this theme. All we have is our memories, and many times it is the little things that trigger us to remember…Thank you again, Amy.

Grandmother’s Chinese vases

Finally, a Wanås visit would not be complete without the indoor art gallery. The main artist, Peter Linde Busk, used a multitude of techniques and materials, (reuse is his driving force) which made for an interesting triptych story.

The Generous Gambler

Special thanks to Amy for her Little Things theme, that brought much joy and a treasure of posts reminding us that the little things are the most important in life. When everything is swaying around us, we can rest our mind and senses – in them.

We are so looking forward to seeing your Three of a Kind posts, how you chose to display your images, and their different stories! Remember to have fun with this theme, and please add the Lens-Artists tag and a link to my post.

Next week, Sofia will be hosting, and her theme is Minimalism/Maximalism–Single or Flamboyant, Plain or ”More Is More”? Please visit her inspirational site! Until then, stay calm and kind, making the world a better place.

174 reaktioner på ”LAPC #201 – Three of a Kind

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  5. This was such an interesting challenge for making one think in a different way – your post was so inspiring but it took a long time to gather my thoughts together and finish my post that I didn’t have time to write and thank you for such inspiration…

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  10. what an awesome brief for this week’s challenge!! I am prone to taking way too many photo’s of the same thing… never know which one is going to be a winner! I also copied your layout a bit….hope you don’t mine. You know what Oscar Wilde said…”Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. Have a great week!

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    • Lindy – thank you for the challenge answer! I love your eagles, but the plant – I had to look it up. So unusual! We don’t even have a Swedish name…

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  24. Ann-Christine, I do love your pond story in three. You have all the magical, fairy places so close to home. I read your comments on your mother’s vases. They are exquisite. I would be scared to touch them too.
    I am not sure whether my pingback turned up. I have been having a lot of problems with WP lately.

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  27. Brilliant!
    This is such an amazing collage, Ann-Christine 🙂
    All of us, regardless of boundaries, need peace more than ever.
    And I totally agree with Leonardo here.

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  38. Wow. I had no idea this was a collage until I saw the first closeup. Amazing. I liked it as a drawing/painting, but I’m crazy about the use of mixed media. Thanks for sharing this. Very effective to start out with a total view and then to zoom in to the truth.

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  44. Not sure if I’m seeing this correctly but I feel as though you’ve gone for a focus on detail.
    In a fair few of these there’s a sense of the ornate and, as such, there’s a fair bit to see in the photos.

    Here’s mine for this one:

    The Chase

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  47. Lovely triptychs all. The pond and Grandmother’s Vases are lovely, and it was interesting to see the other two works of art in this less-truncated way. Looking at your examples, the triptych seems to be useful to show something which is hard to pin down into a single image. Let me try something like that:

    The shapers of jungles

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  50. Your triptychs are so unique Leya. I can’t even pick a favorite. The pond takes my breath away. The Gambler is so colorful. I’ll give this a try. 🙂

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  52. This is a fantastic idea for a challenge! It really got me thinking about the photos I take in different places and why. I realised that I take these little mini series without being conscious of it, so thank you for prompting that realisation 🙂 I especially love your ferns set – so very lush and green! And I like how you grouped your sets of three too. I couldn’t get the mosaic block to present them as I wanted so instead I used my Modula galleries plug-in which I think achieved a similar effect:

    • Sarah, I am pleased to hear you liked the theme! And you too, like many others, say that you uncounsciously take those little series of photos…glad to let them out here now!

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  55. I too think sofia says it best Ann-Christine. This is one of my favorites among your many wonderful posts. Each of your subjects is marvelous on its own, but even more when dissected into its parts. The blossoming wish tree is so vibrant and alive, as are the wishes it houses. I can feel the breeze and smell the air in your walk among the ferns, as well as feeling the love between you and your grandmother in those cherished vases. Beautifully said and shown.

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  58. Hi, AC. I agree with Sofia–I love everything about this post. The images, the quotes, your thoughts. Just wonderful. Like you I am inspired by Da Vinci’s quote: There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see. I am hoping that those who don’t see will see other possibilities for peaceful coexistence and cooperation. I selected a visit to the Villa Bardini–which gave me great joy. I hope it gives you some happiness too.

    LAPC #201: Three of a Kind

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    • And I think you know that we all know that you know what’s right here…Even if we all are dizzy nowadays, we will keep wishing for new wishes to come true.

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  67. At the moment there seem to be too many people around who do not want to see and those around them suffer . . . . Just love those vases and would love the chance of softly dusting them off . . .

    • Yes…that quote rings in my head every day…And the vases, yes, they are precious. And I almost never touch them – what if I dropped one on the floor…

  68. I like that quote – There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see. Lovely photos

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  70. Those who don’t see, or don’t want to see! It’s not so easy to be kind to them. How lovely are those wish trees? Somehow they make me sad. But your threes are beautiful.

  71. Dear Ann Christine,
    we like serial art with even more than three pictures. As photography can’t document movement or change, one need more than one picture to show changing. This triptychs have for us a too strong a religious connotation but, of course, one can see it as thesis – antithesis – synthesis in a Heglian way.
    Wow, your grandma’s Chinese vases are great.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, keep well
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you, Klausbernd, I see your point. I tried to find new ways for this kind of artwork, and read about how to make it work in photography, so, I thought we should give it a try! And the old vases are beautiful, I believe they are 17th century. I almost never touch them, maybe once a year. It would not be fun to drop one…
      Wishing you all the best for the first week of the new month!

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  75. Hi there- those vases from
    Your grandmother look so unique and quite a nice heirloom.
    Good theme this week as I am coming back from a short photo challenge break! Hmmmm – wondering what my subject will be.

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