Thursday Thoughts – Hiking Stenshuvud

A spring hike is never wrong. Here I am sending some highlights from one of the most beautiful protected areas in Skåne, where I live. It is known for its biodiversity and its many pasqueflowers. My Silent Sunday was photographed there too.

The area is 300 hectares large, and consists of forest, meadows, marshland, beaches and sea.

In May it is of course a dream to walk here, but Autumn too is very beautiful. We usually visit twice a year. Milo loves it.

The paths are mostly easily walked, but maybe not for everyone.

The marshland is fascinating and can not be reached all days of the year. Spring is often OK, if the rains are moderate.

Orchids are frequent, as are all spring flowers – gently nodding to you from both sides of the path.

Some of them are secret charmers…

About three hours later, we are back at the gate. This part of the hike goes through an area with foreign trees brought here from all over the world.

So, hope you enjoyed the tour, thank you for walking with me! These few images hopefully show some of the National Park’s great diversity.

47 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Hiking Stenshuvud

  1. It’s easy to see what a beautiful place for a walk this is. I love all the flowers, but especially those purple pasqueflowers – I’ve only ever seen white ones!

  2. What a delightful walk, Ann- Christine! The photos reminded me of the difference between the Indian jungles in summers and your forest up in the north.

    Needless to say, the images are stunning. From cool greens to delicate flowers, it is a treat to read your posts. Incidentally, last Sunday was International day for Biological Diversity and its theme for the year, building a shared future for all life. Goes well together, right?

    • Let’s keep building a sustainable environment. Thank you for your lovely comment! So grateful to see Indian jungles and American forests and Nordic forests and…thanks to blogging.

  3. Cool, green, energizing . . . thank you for the treat of walking alongside you 🙂 ! Since I do use a ‘third leg’ these days even n flat ground this is no longer possible for yours truly so ‘your way’ is ‘my way’ !!! Had absolutely no idea any kind of orchids lived so far north . . . lovely . . .

    • I am glad my way can sometimes be yours, Eha! So grateful for your company! ♥ And we have an abundance of orchids in early summer here.

    • Ah, thank you, Steve. My husband took Milo so that I could make some photos – we did not walk together all the time. I will think of always having a Milo photo as well…

      • One of the YouTube photographer vloggers I watch is Simon Baxter. Although I do enjoy his photography and the conversation he has with us, it is his dog ”Meg” who steals the show most often. Dogs make everything better. 🙂

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