LAPC #206 – Treasures

This week, we invite you to share what you treasure. Our first Guest Host for July, Aletta, is asking us to share our treasures. If you read my blog sometimes, I am sure you know some of my treasures already – they are many, just like yours, but these are my most treasured treasures:

Everything nature …

Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

– Hans Christian Andersen

My number one friend, Milo…

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

– Roger Caras, author of A Dog Is Listening: The Way Some of Our Closest Friends View Us

And of course my funny family –

A happy family is but an earlier heaven.

– George Bernard Shaw

Since some weeks now, I have to add a new sweet treasure to my family – my first grandchild – Myra.

Children are the keys of paradise.

– Eric Hoffer

Never sleepy, always alert – so, this is the first time I have seen her yawning properly!

Please visit Aletta’s wonderful post for more inspiration, and if joining us, remember to link back to it and use the Lens-Artists tag so we can find you.

Last week we focused on eyes and the responses we had were fun and very diverse. Continuing the tradition of inviting Guest Hosts during the month of July, next week is Jez Braithwaite’s turn with Seeing Double as his challenge. Be sure to take a look on Saturday 9th of July.

Posted for Aletta’s Lens-Artists Challenge

66 reaktioner på ”LAPC #206 – Treasures

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  2. Family is such a treasure and a new grandchild even more so. Congratulations to you and your family

  3. Coming late onto this send inevitably a huge smile formed seeing Milo’s photo . . . and then came that gorgeous sleepy but secure monkeyface belonging to the newest member of the familt . . . knowing she is loved to bits already . . . she’s a gorgeous bub, granma !!!

  4. Wonderful treasures Ann-Christine and many happy congratulations with your beautiful grandchild Myra! 💝

  5. I love your post, AC. Of course I’m not surprised you’ve featured Milo, nature and your family. The newest member of the family is such a beautiful child. What a precious little yawn! Wonderful!

  6. That last treasure is truly precious. Truly family is one’s greatest treasure… eccentric Uncle Jim notwithstanding. (Doesn’t everyone have an Uncle Jim in their family?) >grin<

  7. Ann-Christine, your new grandbaby, Myra is so cute! I know that she will be one of the best treasures you will ever have! The same goes for your family too! We are blessed to have family and to treasure them too! Thank you so much for joining in on this challenge Ann-Christine! I really appreciate it!

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