Macro Monday – Night and Day

Melampyrum nemorosum, in Sweden called Night and Day.

21 reaktioner på ”Macro Monday – Night and Day

  1. How interesting, it looks like two types of flower with the top bit a little like clary sage. I had to see if it grows here but apparently it is rare and restricted to a few locations in Southern England. Found mainly in mainland Europe.

    • It is a wild flower, yes. Also called The Swedish Flag. I never knew about it until I was a teenager. It doesn’t grow here in the southernmost part, but on the east coast.

    • It is! When I first saw this flower, I could not believe it was real…I think I was in my teens. But this flower is not in my home county, so I found it on the east coast. It is also called The Swedish Flag!

    • Thank you – I remember when I first saw it as a child. I couldn’t believe there was such a plant, because they don’t live in the southernmost part of Sweden where I was born.

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